Two against Getafe

Getafe 2:4 Real  Madrid

Real used his turn to reply but Barca to a jawless Getafe, who went to the canvas at the first slap. Cristiano e Higuain were a couple good avenue and shared the merits and goals. And Gago claimed his party was battered figure while, because Madrid scored four goals in 24 minutes and decided it deserved a good nap. Income Pellegrini allowed to settle an outstanding bill and made his debut at Mosquera.

The Madrid was warned Getafe. A victory in five visits. The biggest danger is short runs, I would say traffic. And with a throttle stomp Getafe settled a lifeless, listless, without placing an intercom and transparent.

The assault of Madrid was short but manual. Gago-management Xabi Alonso gave him the ball. And the tactical move that involved the axis Boateng, “Casquero-Parejo was followed by the merciless artillery Cristiano Ronaldo, an unanswerable argument.

In the first foul on the edge of the area gave Getafe looked to the right of Portuguese high precision. This time he targeted for the goalkeeper’s stick, which always leaves it in the wrong place. But the pitch was dizzying. “Call it a tomahawk, which say the Portuguese.

And Madrid, warned of blackouts like the one he suffered against Sporting and put him in a mess, took advantage of this gap to send infantry and tear to Getafe. In the final maneuver he was always Gago, ready to exploit the weakness of Lass gain. The smell has a great World stimulating effect.

A pass to Van der Vaart him, the Dutchman handed Higuain, drew the 0-2. And another shipment deep, this time without intermediaries, Argentine Argentine ended in 0-3. The Madrid needed the points and the thump on the table.

The reaction of Getafe was shy. Dio for Pedro León piscinazo either ignored by the referee and for a dubious offside Miku he sent to the network when it had blown his whistle Gavilán Fernández Borbalán.

Then he turned white and Christian artillery went straight for Messi with a shot from the right, on bicycle, which was about to blow the head Ustari before ending up in the network. Abdominal and pasted is better than the Golden Ball

Before the break, a reckless departure Casillas, which came late to Parejo, was the playmaker Getafe 1-4 of honor in his sights and did not spare even though the white target was walking on the ground, outside the area and with a bruised ankle product of a strong entry but not punishable. Having regard to the set, the decision does not deserve blame for Parejo, who tried to apologize and saw the angry reaction of the goalkeeper.

With the battle lost, the guard lifted Getafe with two changes (Manu by Gavilan and Celestini per couple) and a smart move: forward a few yards the defense to think more to Madrid. Michel’s team, who finished expelled, suffered less, created three good chances, scored his second goal and played his slow start, but the points were never within reach. The defeat took him as he fastened his uniform in the locker room. YOU CAN SEE ALL GOALS IN THE PAGE VIDEOS.

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