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  1. Nicat

    i am from azerbaijan,
    i like gonzalo higuain
    photos ————– supppppppppppppppperrrrrrr

  2. Gabriela

    Olá, gosto muito do Higuain!!! Gostaria de saber maiores informações sobre ele e como posso ter um contato direto com ele, caso haja algum MSN, alguém que eu possa mandar carta e que eu possa receber um autógrafo…enfim! Gostaria de ter algum contato com ele!
    Obrigada, Gabi!

  3. kinita

    i am from Bangladesh. i love you soooooooo muchh my room is full of ur picture. ur team is coming to Bangladesh this year hope to see you….

  4. carolina natalia

    hola. señor higuain sos un genio. me encantaria conocerte, te iba a ir a a ver en la final de la copa. pero no tuvimos la oportunidad de que lleguemos a la final. mi sueño es poder abrazarte y saber que sos de verdad. jeje, muy tonto lo que digo; pero yo no me creo una fans. me enamoraste. te sigo a todos lados, y no puedo decirte “pipa te amo”. cuando me entere que tenias novia hay! fue feo, lo tuve que aceptar porque se, que jamas voy a tener la oportunidad de decirte lo que siento. gracias por esta ilusión que me haces sentir las veces que te veo. besos cuidate.
    buenos aires, mte grande, codigo postal 1842.

  5. sh

    i am from iran-azerbaijan photos are so gooooooooooood and higuain is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry handsome 🙂

  6. anne

    I like Gonzalo Higuain. He is the best playes that I ever know. I always watch him when he play with Real Madrid in La Liga match and Champion League. I hope that I can meet and greet him
    In directly. I’m so in love with him,with his character. My Wish is that I can see you in directly. Higuain have a good talents in every soccers match.
    Te Amo, Gonzalo Higuain (^v^) *hugs*

  7. seta

    higuain is best and i love higuain, i hope he will succesful .i am a muslim of iran

  8. sergioajini

    My dear
    I know you are the biggest CF in the world , but DON’T leave REAL MADRID
    with the best wishes for you , from iran

  9. zahra

    hello….hello….hello….gonzalo we love you…for always……always and always

  10. ghulam abbas

    Abbas: i am from afghanistan. afghans love el pipita. believe me. you are the best CF in all over the world. plz stay in Madrid. next season you have to show your self for madridismu. i love you Higi. wow i am so happy that you are a key player of real Madrid. you are the best. i love you higi. you that i am crying for you. bkz you wana leave the madrid.

  11. Prokriti Orno

    Gonzalo you are rocking,mindblowing…..WE love u very much and ur very handsome………..LOVE YOU LOVE YOU….From BANGLADESH…Aishwarzy,Nondini…..

  12. banafsheh

    i am from iran and i want say you i very very very love you you and real madrid are the best

  13. مدمنه هكواين

    اموت عليييييك هكواين روحي عمري ما شاء الله هواي عندك معجبين لكن انا الاول بالعالم احبككككككككككك

  14. Tonny

    i love you so…….much higuain.my first and last love is you.because it,s pure love and i promise you that last moment of my life i will love you.Now i going to proposs you…..will you marry me?pleaseeeeeee……..

  15. mahi

    i love you honey.. if you go to barca…………….. come barca plzzzzzzzzzz
    i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  16. Sayani Das

    I love you Pipita 🙂 U r da best 🙂 Love u sooooooooooooooooooooooo much 🙂

  17. Sayani Das

    HV sent my hrt to u dear 🙂 Love u all tym dear 🙂 U r in my Dream, my mind, my habit, my sleep and all :-). I love u 🙂 Te Amo 🙂 U r my prince 🙂

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