Wojciech Szczęsny Reveals Cristiano Ronaldo’s Punishment for Red Card in 2018

​Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny has revealed that teammate Cristiano Ronaldo was made to buy the entire squad iMacs after being sent off against Valencia in 2018.

During what was a slow start to his Juventus tenure, Ronaldo was given his marching orders just 29 minutes into his first Champions League game with his new side when he was controversially ruled to have pulled the hair of an opponent.

Speaking on his ​Prosto w Szczenę podcast, Szczęsny revealed that former boss Massimiliano Allegri had a rule that a player must buy his teammates presents if he gets sent off, but ​Ronaldo did his best to fight it.

“Yes, we all have an iMac,” the goalkeeper said. “It took a very long time because [Ronaldo] couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he did not do anything wrong. 

“It took him a while, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

It wasn’t just Ronaldo who was punished for a lack of discipline last season. Both Federico Bernardesci and Douglas Costa were shown red cards during the campaign, so it must have felt like Christmas all year round at the Allianz Stadium.

Szczęsny also added that the presents rule also applied to players who turned up late for training, with the Poland international himself falling foul of Allegri’s punishment once.

“I thought it was Tuesday, but it turned out to be Wednesday that day,” he explained. “Allegri called me and said everyone was already there. 

Wojciech Szczesny

“When I arrived half an hour late on the training field, everyone said ‘oh, we’re getting presents!’. I ended up buying headphones for the boys.”

The rule is no longer in place following Allegri’s departure at the end of last season, but his replacement, Maurizio Sarri, doesn’t exactly come with a reputation for being the most fun to work under. Ask any ​Chelsea fan.

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