7 Players Who ‘Earned’ New Contracts Despite Doing Pretty Much Nothing

​There’s nothing better than seeing your club’s star player pen a new contract which they have thoroughly deserved. The club is happy, the player is happy and the fans are happy. Everyone’s a winner.

However, mixed in with all the good extensions are a handful of thoroughly undeserving contracts for players who have offered next to nothing on the pitch. The only thing that comes from these new deals is relentless jokes online. Nobody’s a winner.

Here are seven players who bagged themselves a new deal for almost no good reason.

Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke

Sometimes, an expiring contract gives clubs the chance to walk away from a mistake and start over. ​Crystal Palace had that with ​Christian Benteke, who has scored a grand total of four goals in his last 58 appearances.

For some reason, Palace decided to extend his contract. Why? Do they enjoy watching him suffer? Do they like seeing fans in tears?

​The Eagles surely will not remain committed to him for much longer, yet they are seemingly happy to pretend like they are.

Connor Wickham

Connor Wickham

Palace actually love doing this. Benteke is certainly not the first striker to earn an undeserved extension at Selhurst Park. Connor Wickham was doing it before it was cool.

Injuries have ruined Wickham’s time at Palace, but it’s not like he has been scoring many goals even when fit. His last ​Premier League goal came in November 2016, but that was enough to earn him a new deal in May 2019.

He now gets to spend even longer out of the matchday squad, watching Benteke fail to score as well.

Richard Wright

Richard Wright

The poster boy for the bizarre contract extension, Richard Wright etched his name into football infamy after agreeing his move to ​Manchester City in 2012.

The reserve goalkeeper didn’t play a single first-team game for the Citizens, but earned himself three one-year extensions at the end of every season. He was an unused substitute eight times across his four years at the club, but continued to earn himself contract after contract.

Admittedly, it was his job to be behind others in the pecking order, but to get three new deals seems a little far.

Eliaquim Mangala

Eliaquim Mangala

Wright’s extensions may have been fairly reasonable, but Eliaquim Mangala’s new deal in March 2019 certainly wasn’t.

The Frenchman had spent the 2017/18 season on the bench, then got injured and then sat out the entirety of the 2018/19 campaign. He clearly wasn’t in the club’s plans, but they still decided to prolong his stay.

It’s not like they had any long-term reason for doing so. City let him walk away for free just five months later anyway, so there really was no point in any of it.

Lucas Piazón


​Chelsea’s reasons for handing out new contracts are purely financial, but that doesn’t make them any less ridiculous.

​The Brazilian has made three appearances for Chelsea across his eight years at the club, and he hasn’t even impressed out on loan since the 2013/14 campaign. However, since then, Piazón has signed several new contracts, the latest of which actually came during the summer.

He doesn’t play. He’s not good enough. He hasn’t been close to good enough in five years. Nobody actually wants to buy him. Just let him go.

Stuart Taylor

Brought to ​Southampton in 2016 as a reserve goalkeeper, Stuart Taylor wasn’t asked to do much at the club. A lot of third-choice shot stoppers get new contracts, there’s nothing bizarre there. However, what makes his extension in 2017 so special is that more effort was put into the announcement of the deal than he had actually put into earning it in the first place. 

Made as a joke, there were soldiers descending from helicopters, armed police arriving by boat, only to end with Taylor sat in a garden chair with a cup of tea.

Needless to say, after another season in the reserves, Taylor was let go in 2018.

Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard

​Jesse Lingard is an attacking midfielder. Attacking midfielders are expected to both score and assist goals. Jesse Lingard neither scores nor assists goals.

So, when he was handed a huge new contract in April 2017 on the back of netting five goals across two seasons, ​Manchester United fans were a little confused. After all, it’s not like United to hand out huge contract extensions to underperforming players, is it?

Oh. Yes. Yes, it is.

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2,000 Ajax Fans Set to Watch Leyton Orient After Being Banned From Chelsea Clash

After being banned from watching their side take on Chelsea in the Champions League, over 2,000 Ajax fans are set to go watch Leyton Orient play on the same night instead.

Ajax are set to travel to Stamford Bridge on 5th November, but fans of the Dutch side have been banned from attending after supporters caused trouble during a meeting with Valencia earlier in the season.

UEFA Champions League"Valencia CF v Ajax Amsterdam"

One Ajax fan by the name of vanpogototpopo took to ​Twitter to suggest the idea of visiting Leyton Orient instead, given all the fans had already paid for flights and hotels before being hit with the ban.

They wrote: “Dear Leyton Orient. Are you willing to host 2,000 Ajax fans? We are systematically and unlawfully screwed by UEFA and the Metropolitan PoliceLots of us booked transport and hotels already and will travel. You might risk a great atmosphere and memories forever. Kind regards.”

The game in question will be an EFL Trophy clash against ​Brighton and Hove Albion Under-23s, and it could easily go down as one of the greatest games in the history of the competition if all these Ajax fans do indeed attend.

The supporters were initially hit with a suspended sentence after crown unrest in a group stage clash with Benfica during the 2018/19 ​Champions League, but they were found to have offended once more against Valencia.

In an attempt to reduce the potential for trouble, Chelsea had planned to reduce the number of away tickets available from 3,000 to just 833, but UEFA have now ruled that none will be permitted to attend the game.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea fans will certainly be hoping that the absence of away fans will give them an advantage in this crucial tie. The Blues currently sit third in Group H, three points behind leaders Ajax, so the upcoming meeting between the two sides could be decisive.

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90min’s Premier League Hall of Fame: Class of 2009

90min’s Premier League Hall of Fame has commemorated some pretty special talents over the past week. Eric Cantona, Dennis Irwin, Tony Adams, Matt Le Tissier have had their names etched in the annals of the ​Hall of Fame, to be forever remembered as true greats of the Premier League era. 

However, none of the aforementioned hold a candle to one of the men we will induct today. 

For this man is the greatest footballer of the Premier League era.

He is the most tactically astute manager of the Premier League era. 

And he is also a fashion icon, regularly spotted in Paris, Milan and London sporting the most beautiful gilets that money can buy. 

His name is Tim Sherwood, and he is the headliner of 90min’s 2009 induction class. 

Graeme Le Saux, Martin Keown and a little fella called Gianfranco Zola will also be inducted…but who cares? This is Tim Sherwood’s world, and we’re all just living in it. 

Graeme Le Saux

Chelsea v Bolton

​Premier League Clubs ​Years Played
​Chelsea ​1989-93 & 1997-03
Blackburn Rovers​ ​1993-97
​Southampton 2003-05​

We start off with the 
Graeme Le Saux, the ultimate New Labour footballer, who bounds onto the stage – Guardian in hand – to a rapturous applause. 

And he deserves it. 

A 7/10 week in, week out, Le Saux was a consummate professional, carrying himself with dignity on and off the pitch at Chelsea, Blackburn and Southampton. 

While the majority of his career was spent at the Chels, the high-watermark of the full-back’s career was the 1994/95 season, in which he made it into the PFA Team of the Year AND won the Premier League title with Blackburn Rovers (yes, that Blackburn Rovers). 

Martin Keown

Mboro v Arsenal X

​Premier League Clubs Years Played
​Everton ​1989-93
​Arsenal ​1993-04
​Leicester City ​2004-05



Tracking shot as Martin Keown, wearing a well-tailored navy suit, confidently strides across the stage toward the podium. The ex-Arsenal man was quite the scary b**tard on the pitch, but tonight he is cool, calm and composed. He accepts a handshake from Arsene Wenger and his 90min Hall of Fame award. 


Thank you, thank you. 

Keown nods at the crowds while they greet him with applause. 


You’re too kind. 

The applause wanes as Keown looks lovingly at his award. 


To receive such an award from such an esteemed website is an honour, one of the highlights of my career. I’d like to thank 90min, Arsenal, and most importantly…

Keown stops abruptly. His complexion turns a sinister red as he looks over to the right of the crowd.



Pan to who Keown is looking at…

…It’s Ruud van Nistelrooy. 



Focus on Keown rips off his shirt to reveal the 2004 Arsenal away jersey. He then bounds off of the stage and lunges toward Van Nistelrooy. 



Gianfranco Zola

Gianfranco Zola scores second goal

​Premier League Clubs Years Played​
​Chelsea ​1996-03

Once the security guards manage to wrestle Martin Keown off of Ruud van Nistelrooy, 90min quickly usher Claudio Ranieri onto the stage to introduce the next inductee. 

The next inductee is much less, shall we say, angry fella. In fact, he’s one of the loveliest guys in world football. 

Oh, and also one of the most talented guys to ever play in the Premier League. 

Yes, you guessed it, it’s Gianfranco Zola. 

He embraces fellow lovely fella Ranieri onstage. The audience clap and cry, and then cry some more, as they watch two lovely fellas share a lovely moment. It’s all just lovely. 

Zola thanks Ranieri, Chelsea, the Premier League and – of course – 90min for his induction. He wishes everyone good health, before going down into the crowd, shaking each and every member of the 2,000 strong audience’s hands. Lovely. 

Tim Sherwood


Premier League Clubs Years Played
​Norwich City ​1989-92
​Blackburn Rovers ​1992-99
​Tottenham Hotspur ​1999-03
​Portsmouth ​2003-04

…Ok, so maybe Zola greeting everyone in the audience wasn’t such a good idea, because it’s now 3am…

…And it’s FINALLY time for the big man himself. 


The man who MADE Harry Kane. 

The man who DRAGGED a lowly Blackburn Rovers to the Premier League title. 

The man who SINGLE-HANDEDLY brought back the gilet. 

Tim Sherwood, linen gilet and all, is announced as the final inductee of the night by his Harry Kane. The crowd, as expected, erupts into song. 

“We love you Timmy, we do! We love you Timmy, we do! We love you Timmy, we do, ooooh Timmy we love you!” 

Tim Sherwood

Flares are lit. Flags are flown. The 90min Hall of Fame headquarters turns into the Yellow Wall. 

Sherwood gets up onto the stage and fist pumps profusely, before walking over to Kane. They embrace. Kane cries. Sherwood pats him on the head and walks over to the podium. 

​Sherwood: “Well, well, well. I ah, I see some familiar faces here today. Some welcome, some not so welcome. It looks as if I’ve had the last laugh. And a lot of people who really didn’t think I’d have it in me to become a brilliant footballer. Well what I say to those people is:

“Look at me now…”

Tim Sherwood continues to ramble on about people who doubted him for an oddly long time… 

Sherwood continues: “…Eventually I got out of his headlock, and now where are you, Chris Sutton, working with some hippies on the telly, and where am I? Here. Accepting a 90min Premier League Hall of Fame induction for being a top footballer…”

The audience grows tiresome of Timmy’s rant. Some begin to make their way to the exit. 

Sherwood: “…Yes of course, he thought it’d be a great idea, great fun, to pour water on this young novice’s mattress, but of course, 20 years later, the smile has been very much wiped off of Colin Hendry’s face…”

Almost everyone has now left the arena. There are a few strays left in the crowd, like Nabil Bentaleb, but not many. 

Sherwood: “…And now we move on to liars…”

Just as Sherwood is about to name ‘liars’, Zola comes onto the stage. Zola has a quick word in with Sherwood, before shepherding him off the stage of the now completely empty arena. 


Ashley Cole Officially Returns to Chelsea as Academy Coach

​Ashley Cole has returned to Chelsea, joining former teammate Frank Lampard’s staff to coach the club’s Under-15s.

The former Blues’ left back announced his retirement in August and revealed he had ambitions to move into coaching. After bringing an illustrious career to an end, he will start the next chapter at the club where he enjoyed his most successful playing days. 


After playing under Lampard at Derby County last season, the rumours of Cole joining Chelsea’s backroom staff started up as soon as his retirement was announced. The club have confirmed his return via their official website, revealing that he’s been working with the academy players for two months as he obtains his coaching badges

Cole spent eight years at Stamford Bridge, winning England’s domestic trio of trophies and both the Europa League and ​​Champions League to become a modern club legend. The 38-year-old feels this is a strength that will allow him to thrive in his coaching capacity.

He stated: “The Academy are very good at giving ex-players a route back to the club and a chance to learn as coaches.

“They’re eager to bring in people who understand what it means to be at ​Chelsea and what it means to wear the badge. You have to be a top player to play for Chelsea so they want those top ex-players influencing and trying to help the next generation develop and be better players.”

Their transfer ban has meant that they’ve had to put their faith in youth and so far it seems to working, opening the door to player progression and a footballing philosophy that could progress through the age groups.

Cole already has a clear idea of how to develop the Under-15s, adding: “We’ll let them play, develop and solve problems themselves but we want to improve their tactical understanding as well so that in a year or two, they’ll be ahead of young players at other academies because they have that in their brains already.”


Ranking Every Premier League Team by Players Who Have Won a League Title

The Premier League is full of players who have at least one top flight league title during their career, whether that be in the Premier League itself, or in Spain, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Argentina or even Senegal. Winning is still winning, wherever it happens.

As many as 142 players plying their trade at Premier League sides in 2019/20 have tasted such success at least once in their career to date – many of those actually have won more than one national title, and at different clubs or in different countries.

Here’s a look at all 20 Premier League clubs ranked by the number of league title winners in their current squad…

Note: Title win determined by minimum 5 appearances. Where clubs have the same number of title-winning players, they are split on the total number of titles won.

20. Bournemouth (1 title winner)

Artur Boruc

Not a single club in the Premier League has a squad that is completely devoid of players with title winning experience. But Bournemouth come close as back-up goalkeeper Artur Boruc is the only player at the Vitality Stadium who knows what it is like to win a top flight league.

The veteran has done it four times overall, both in his native Poland and in Scotland.

Artur Boruc (x4, Legia Warsaw, Celtic)

19. Burnley (2 title winners)

Danny Drinkwater

Burnley have two former Premier League title winners in their ranks, although neither has actually played a single minute of Premier League football for the Clarets this season.

Danny Drinkwater was famously part of Leicester’s 2015/16 triumph, but his career has gone massively downhill since leaving the Foxes a year later.

Danny Drinkwater (x1, Leicester), Joe Hart (x2, Man City)

18. Sheffield United (2 title winners)

John Fleck

Back in the Premier League after a 12-year absence and with League One winners still in their squad, Sheffield United are thin on the ground when it comes to top flight champions.

Enda Stevens and John Fleck have picked up honours in Ireland and Scotland respectively.

Enda Stevens (x2, Shamrock Rovers), John Fleck (x3, Rangers)

17. Southampton (2 title winners)

Pierre-Emile Ho¸jbjerg

Southampton captain Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg spent two-and-a-half seasons in the Bayern Munich first-team, playing more than five games in two of those Bundesliga winning campaigns.

Scottish midfielder Stuart Armstrong won league titles with Celtic in every season he spent with the dominant Glasgow club, four in total.

Stuart Armstrong (x4, Celtic), Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (x2, Bayern Munich)

16. Wolverhampton Wanderers (3 title winners)

Raul Jimenez

Wolves have a lot of young players in their squad, while some of the older players like Rui Patricio are yet to win a domestic league title. It might also be surprising that Ruben Neves, even though he is still just 22 years of age, was never part of a title winning side at Porto.

Others, like Adama Traore at Barcelona and Jesus Vallejo at Real Madrid, have been on the fringes of title winning teams, but were not directly part of it themselves.

Raul Jimenez (x3, Club America, Benfica), Joao Moutinho (x4, Porto, Monaco), Leander Dendoncker (x1, Anderlecht)

15. Norwich City (4 title winners)

Moritz Leitner

Norwich midfielder Moritz Leitner made a sizeable contribution when Borussia Dortmund won the Bundesliga title under Jurgen Klopp in 2011/12, while he was a substitute, albeit unused, for the Champions League final a year later.

Premier League Player of the Month for August, Teemu Pukki has previously won league titles in Finland and Scotland with HJK and Celtic respectively.

Patrick Roberts (x3, Celtic), Moritz Leitner (x1, Borussia Dortmund), Teemu Pukki (x3, HJK Helsinki, Celtic), Alexander Tettey (x2, Rosenborg)

14. Aston Villa (5 title winners)


There is a strong contingent of former Club Brugge players at Aston Villa, with Wesley, Marvelous Nakamba and Bjorn Engels all winning the Belgian title.

Wesley has also won the league in Slovakia, while Trezeguet has won the Egyptian Premier League title in the past, and back-up goalkeeper Orjan Nyland was a champion in Norway.

Wesley (x3, Trencin, Club Brugge), Marvelous Nakamba (x1, Club Brugge), Trezeguet (x1, Al Ahly), Bjorn Engels (x1, Club Brugge), Orjan Nyland (x1, Molde)

13. Arsenal (5 title winners)

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil probably enjoyed the single best season of his whole career when he won La Liga with Real Madrid back in 2011/12, but Arsenal’s current title experience is otherwise thin.

Kieran Tierney has been a four-time Scottish champion with Celtic, even at the age of just 22, while David Luiz has won titles in three different countries – Portugal, France and England.

Kieran Tierney (x4, Celtic), Sokratis Papastathopoulos (x1, AC Milan), Mesut Ozil (x1, Real Madrid), David Luiz (x4, Benfica, PSG, Chelsea), Granit Xhaka (x2, Basel)

12. Crystal Palace (6 title winners)

Luka Milivojevic

Crystal Palace have a mix of title winners from across Europe, but half of their six players with a league medal have won them in Belgium – Luka Milivojevic and Cheikhou Kouyate were even briefly teammates at Anderlecht.

Gary Cahill has the most recent title winning experience, finishing top of the pile with Chelsea in 2016/17. Milivojevic also played the first half of that season for Greek champions Olympiacos.

Luka Milivojevic (x4, Anderlecht, Olympiacos), Cheikhou Kouyate (x4, Anderlecht), Mamadou Sakho (x1, PSG), Christian Benteke (x1, Standard Liege), Gary Cahill (x2, Chelsea), Jairo Riedewald (x1, Ajax)

11. Newcastle United (7 title winners)

Miguel Almiron

Newcastle may be struggling towards the bottom of the Premier League, but there are seven players in the Magpies squad this season who have won league titles in other countries.

Former club record signing Miguel Almiron has four title wins to his name, with three different clubs in three separate countries in South American and North America.

Martin Dubravka (x2, Zilina), Ki Sung-yueng (x1, Celtic), Fabian Schar (x3, Basel), Jetro Willems (x2, PSV Eindhoven), Federico Fernandez (x1, Estudiantes), Miguel Almiron (x4, Cerro Porteno, Lanus, Atlanta United), Christian Atsu (x1, Porto)

10. Brighton & Hove Albion (8 title winners)

Mathew Ryan

There are eight previous title winners from eight different clubs and seven different countries in the current Brighton squad, bringing experience from around the world to the Amex Stadium.

Goalkeeper Mathew Ryan was an A-League champion with Central Coast Mariners and was later a teammate of Jose Izquierdo and Leandro Trossard, although not in title winning seasons.

Mathew Ryan (x1, Central Coast Mariners), Gaetan Bong (x1, Olympiacos), Leandro Trossard (x1, Genk), Jose Izquierdo (x1, Club Brugge), Martin Montoya (x2, Barcelona), Davy Propper (x1, PSV Eindhoven), Tudor Baluta (x1, Viitorul Constanta), Bernardo (x1, Red Bull Salzburg)

9. Watford (8 title winners)

Jose Holebas

Not a starter these days, veteran Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has won five league titles in his long career, with Brazilian club Cruzeiro and Dutch giants PSV Eindhoven.

Jose Holebas won four Greek titles during his days with Olympiacos, while Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck were part of the last Manchester United squad to win the Premier League.

Heurelho Gomes (x5, Cruzeiro, PSV Eindhoven), Gerard Deulofeu (x1, Barcelona), Tom Cleverley (x1, Man Utd), Danny Welbeck (x1, Man Utd), Nathaniel Chalobah (x1, Chelsea), Jose Holebas (x4, Olympiacos), Christian Kabasele (x1, Ludogorets Razgrad), Roberto Pereyra (x2, Juventus)

8. West Ham United (8 title winners)

Andriy Yarmolenko

Andriy Yarmolenko has returned to full fitness this season and is showing West Ham fans what made him such a valuable player in Dynamo Kyiv sides that won three Ukrainian titles – he is one of three current Hammers players to have won league medals on three occasions.

Veteran full-back Pablo Zabaleta has Premier League title experience with Manchester City.

Lukasz Fabianski (x1, Legia Warsaw), Fabian Balbuena (x3, Cerro Porteno, Libertad, Corinthians), Pablo Zabaleta (x2, Man City), Andriy Yarmolenko (x3, Dynamo Kyiv), Manuel Lanzini (x2, Fluminense, River Plate), Roberto (x3, Olympiacos), Angelo Ogbonna (x2, Juventus), Arthur Masuaku (x2, Olympiacos)

7. Tottenham Hotspur (8 title winners)

Lucas Moura

Lucas Moura won four titles in his first four seasons with Paris Saint-Germain and had played part of a fifth Ligue 1 title winning campaign prior to joining Spurs in January 2018. Toby Alderweireld won almost as many in his spells at Ajax and Atletico Madrid.

Aside from Lucas, Serge Aurier and Giovani Lo Celso are the other Spurs players to have previously won at least one league title with PSG.

Toby Alderweireld (x4, Ajax, Atletico Madrid), Jan Vertonghen (x2, Ajax), Davinson Sanchez (x1, Atletico Nacional), Victor Wanyama (x2, Celtic), Giovani Lo Celso (x1, PSG), Christian Eriksen (x3, Ajax), Serge Aurier (x2, PSG), Lucas Moura (x5, PSG)

6. Liverpool (9 title winners)

Virgil Van Dijk

While Liverpool have nine former title winners in their squad, winning the Premier League would be a new experience for everyone except James Milner, who was a champion twice during his time as a Manchester City player.

Rather remarkably, Xherdan Shaqiri can lay claim to six title wins after three seasons with Basel and two-and-a-half with Bayern Munich, all in the first six years of his senior career.

Fabinho (x1, Monaco), Virgil van Dijk (x2, Celtic), Georginio Wijnaldum (x1, PSV Eindhoven), Dejan Lovren (x1, Dinamo Zagreb), James Milner (x2, Man City), Naby Keita (x2, Red Bull Salzburg), Sadio Mane (x1, Red Bull Salzburg), Mohamed Salah (x2, Basel), Xherdan Shaqiri (x6, Basel, Bayern Munich)

5. Manchester United (10 title winners)

Paul Pogba

David de Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young are the last remaining survivors from the Manchester United side that claimed Premier League glory in 2012/13, although seven other members of the current squad have some form of title experience from elsewhere.

Nemanja Matic won two Premier League titles with Chelsea, Victor Lindelof has two Primeira Liga medals from his Benfica days, while Paul Pogba was a four-time Serie A champion.

David de Gea (x1, Man Utd), Victor Lindelof (x2, Benfica), Phil Jones (x1, Man Utd), Paul Pogba (x4, Juventus), Marcos Rojo (x1, Estudiantes), Fred (x3, Shakhtar Donetsk), Ashley Young (x1, Man Utd), Diogo Dalot (x1, Porto), Sergio Romero (x1, AZ Alkmaar), Nemanja Matic (x3, Benfica, Chelsea)

4. Everton (10 title winners)

Andre Gomes

Everton’s assembly of a squad full of considerable title winning squad has done little to help the Toffees avoid sliding down the Premier League table – even if most of those who have league medals actually have more than one.

Fabian Delph in particular has won the Premier League twice before, while Lucas Digne and Bernard each have three title success to their name.

Fabian Delph (x2, Man City), Lucas Digne (x3, PSG, Barcelona), Yerry Mina (x2, Palmeiras, Barcelona), Cenk Tosun (x2, Besiktas), Djibril Sidibe (x1, Monaco), Bernard (x3, Shakhtar Donetsk), Andre Gomes (x2, Benfica, Barcelona), Maarten Stekelenburg (x2, Ajax), Moise Kean (x1, Juventus), Oumar Niasse (x1, Oukam)

3. Leicester City (12 title winners)


Leicester’s fairytale Premier League title win in 2015/16 has obviously boosted the number of league winners in their squad, with many survivors of that team from just three years ago.

But the Foxes have also boosted their ranks since with other players who have tasted domestic glory elsewhere. That includes Youri Tielemans, Jonny Evans and even Filip Benkovic.

Kasper Schmeichel (x1, Leicester), Wes Morgan (x1, Leicester), Jonny Evans (x3, Man Utd), Demarai Gray (x1, Leicester), Youri Tielemans (x2, Anderlecht), Jamie Vardy (x1, Leicester), Marc Albrighton (x1, Leicester), Filip Benkovic (x3, Dinamo Zagreb, Celtic), Daniel Amartey (x2, Copenhagen, Leicester), Ricardo Pereira (x1, Porto), Dennis Praet (x3, Anderlecht), Christian Fuchs (x1, Leicester)

2. Chelsea (12 title winners)


Chelsea’s current squad can boast 28 league winner’s medals between them, collected by 12 different players, while most of them have at least one from winning the Premier League with the Stamford Bridge club in recent years.

Willian and Pedro have both won the Premier League with Chelsea, but each has six league wins in total, owing to glittering spells at Shakhtar Donetsk and Barcelona respectively.

Marcos Alonso (x1, Chelsea), N’Golo Kante (x2, Leicester, Chelsea), Willian (x6, Shakhtar Donetsk, Chelsea), Pedro (x6, Barcelona, Chelsea), Ruben Loftus-Cheek (x1, Chelsea), Willy Caballero (x1, Boca Juniors), Kurt Zouma (x2, Chelsea), Mateo Kovacic (x4, Dinamo Zagreb, Real Madrid), Olivier Giroud (x1, Montpellier), Michy Batshuayi (x1, Chelsea), Cesar Azpilicueta (x2, Chelsea), Marco van Ginkel (x2, PSV Eindhoven)

1. Manchester City (20 title winners)


Manchester City have won the Premier League in each of the last two seasons, so it is not surprising that virtually all of their current squad have at least one national title to their name.

While some got their first taste of glory with City in 2017/18, plenty had existing title winning experience before they arrived in Manchester. That includes Fernandinho, whose nine total title wins – six with Shakhtar Donetsk – make him the most decorated in the Premier League.

Claudio Bravo (x2, Barcelona), Kyle Walker (x2, Man City), John Stones (x2, Man City), Raheem Sterling (x2, Man City), Ilkay Gundogan (x3, Borussia Dortmund, Man City), Gabriel Jesus (x3, Palmeiras, Man City), Sergio Aguero (x4, Man City), Oleksandr Zinchenko (x2, Man City), Aymeric Laporte (x2, Man City), Kevin De Bruyne (x3, Genk, Man City), Leroy Sane (x2, Man City), Bernardo Silva (x3, Monaco, Man City), David Silva (x4, Man City), Benjamin Mendy (x3, Monaco, Man City), Fernandinho (x9, Shakhtar Donetsk, Man City), Riyad Mahrez (x2, Leicester, Man City), Joao Cancelo (x1, Juventus), Nicolas Otamendi (x6, Velez Sarsfield, Porto, Man City), Ederson (x2, Man City), Phil Foden (x2, Man City)

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