2 goals against Malaga

Total football. Piece is the Spanish league leader, waiting for what the morning in Alicante Villarreal. The evening began and white thanks to a goal clearance Florentino Mourinho got to convince the wisdom of sending the captain Casillas at Oviedo to collect the Prince of Asturias. The Portuguese, more reasonable than many believe, was man’s skin and club gave the green light to the coherent application. Then came the game, or rather, the flood of football, goals, measured passes, throw the stick … Mourinho’s Madrid has become a machine without feelings. It is difficult to win and convince. Crush and love. Be subject and predicate at a time. For this team, that is a breeze. The 0-0 of Mallorca and Levante are underground. The new leader has achieved perfection in two matches have ended with a partial science fiction: 10-2 (6-1 and 4-1 to Deportivo Málaga). Guillermo García Sánchez, a 12 years old who aspires to be a good journalist in the future, I warned what would happen: “Mourinho is a coach who will mark an era. With him will be very difficult to win a match to Madrid. ” For now, the only undefeated team in the league and also the only undefeated preseason. It is the highest scoring team in the Championship (16 goals) and has received the least (3). Ladies and gentlemen, you all Moudros Real CF Equipazo.

The ‘Sheikh Team. Malaga Sheikh Al-Thani look good despite the four threads that took Galatto. The 17 million euros invested have been used to having a partner who in two years may lead to Europe. Rondón (Venezuela also exists) and Quincy the homeless will have to talk. But they chose a bad day to be known to the world. Enough is that the Danish Kris allow the spirited fans of The Rose celebrate a goal. The honor.

Christian & Pipita. No more anxiety, poor shooting and monologues. Christian and Higuain are the best attacking duo in the world. The Portuguese made the perfect match. Two goals and two assists. Pipita regained feeling with rival networks and signed his first double of the course. The Portuguese and Nilmar shares the scoring charts. The average Argentine is still in its class (0.80 per game) and smiles again. Milan trembles!

Euphoria. The fans are pinching to make this dream never end. That’s what I sang the Vikings musicians I know, those of Quevedo Ná Orchestra (Rumba and Roll), we reveled in Cuéllar (Segovia) with the rock of the people and Sepulveda, Villacastín, Coca, Farm and Barajas. Nor can I forget the faithful of Chelle, Segovia, Calanda (Teruel), Ibérica de Gijón, Romano de Mérida, Albox and Paraiso de Ponferrada. That’s Madrid. In Paradise .

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