7 Challenges to Set Yourself for a New Football Manager Save With Juventus

Zebre. Piemonte Calcio. Juventus. The Turin club goes by many names. 

However, over the next 20 years, you’ll call them home.

You’re about to make lasting relationships with the Piedmontese people, getting to know everyone from the chefs, the doormen and the elevator operators of the Old Lady.

It’s the start of what’s going to be a beautiful relationship. But before you get settled in, let’s run through the seven expectations that we have for you going forward. 

Win the Champions League


It might sound pretty simple, but Juve have found it pretty tough over the last 25 years. 

Since their last triumph in 1996, ​Juventus have finished runners up no less than five times. ​

Whether they’ve faced ​Messi, Neymar and Suarez or ​Cristiano Ronaldo, the Bianconeri haven’t been able to get over the hump. 

They need to get the monkey off their back and you’re the person to do it.

Only Use Italian Players

Pavel Nedved

Platini. Zidane. Nedved. Juventus have a great history of brilliant foreign players. However, in a surprise move, the club’s upper management have decided that supporting the national team is their sole focus.

It’s now up to you to develop a title-winning team of eleven Italian footballers that can seamlessly transition into the Azzurri. It means that the Portuguese lad that we’ve got needs to find a new club – make sure you deliver the news in a delicate manner. 

Forza Italia.

10 in a Row

Juventus players celebrate with the trop

Since 2012, there’s only been one team in Italy. Juve have won eight titles in a row.

In that period, all rivals had to be chopped and changed due to continual failings.

Sarri’s Napoli, ​Allegri’s Milan and Garcia’s Roma were all broken down and dismantled as Juve rendered their title challenges too weak. 

A ten-year winning span would represent a spell of dominance not seen in many domestic leagues across the globe. Break the collective will of ​Serie A and bring home ‘Il Decimo’.

Get Quagliarella to 200

Fabio Quagliarella

Fabio Quagliarella didn’t get a fair chance at Juventus. 

An icon of Serie A, Quagliarella had to settle for a ​bit-part role during what would have been the best years of his career in Turin. The forward had just left his hometown Napoli, received death threats for moving north and the club left Quagliarella to settle for the bench. 

It was a cruel move for a player who only scores outrageously good goals.

Make it up to Fabio by signing him from Sampdoria and play him until he gets the necessary 47 goals to get 200 league goals. He’s currently 37.

Buffon’s Ten Titles

Gianluigi Buffon

Who has won the most Scudetti in Italian football with nine? I’ll give you a couple of clues.  

He started his career at ​Parma. He kept a clean sheet against Fabio Capello’s ​Milan on his debut. He’s made over 500 appearances for ​Juventus.

Still unsure? Well, get to know Gianluigi, you’ve got to make sure he gets a tenth Serie A winner’s medal.

Keep the Average Age of Your Squad Under 23

Jude Bellingham

In football management, you’ve got to keep things fresh or your squad can go stale in a flash. Maybe it’s a challenge for a few seasons in after you’ve conquered Europe and Italy, but shake things up by only playing youngsters.

At Juve, expect the best. Don’t waste your time finding the hidden gems, go straight for the top. We suggest Jude Bellingham, Sergio Gomez and Florentino Luis ​as your starting midfield. 

Overtake Giovanni Trapattoni

Republic of Ireland's newly appointed Ma

During his two spells in Turin, Il Trap led the Bianconeri to glory with 14 total trophies. Giovanni is the most winningest coach in the history of the club until now…

​If you aim for the quadruple four times in a row, you can be out of the club by 2023. No drama. 


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