All 20 Premier League Teams & Their NFL Counterparts

The NFL and the Premier League. Football and Football. The pigskin-throwing-one and the Sondico-booting one. This is a long-standing relationship. A ‘Special Relationship’, that has, away from the field, at least in recent, err, turbulent times, become fractured.

So, let’s go ahead and build some bridges with the good ol’ US of A by comparing all 20 of our football teams with theirs. Diplomacy, baybee. It’s my calling.

David James Prepares For Trip To Miami

To help with my diplomatic push, I’ve enlisted the help of David James, avowed Miami Dolphins fan, apparently, and asked him to look as juiced as Barry Bonds circa 2004. Thankfully, he obliged. With DJ by my side, nothing can go wrong.

Anyway, just FYI, some picks will be based on years of similar history, others will be grounded in the roots of the present and some will just be downright whimsical. Let’s go eat some W’s.

AFC Bournemouth

AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield United - Premier League

NFL Equivalent: Los Angeles Chargers

Tiny stadium sort of by the beach? Sponsored by Healthcare or Health insurance companies?

You’ve got yourself either the Vitality or Dignity Health Sports Park, and you’ve got yourself the Cherries and the Chargers.


Josh Morgan,Jay Cutler,Alshon Jeffery

NFL Equivalent: Chicago Bears

Two good, if tortured in recent times, teams with one glaring, gaudy, garish, gaping, great fat whole. 

For Arsenal, it’s the defence, obviously, in particular Shkodran ‘I Must Dive In Anywhere on the Field Regardless of the Consequences’ Mustafi. For the Bears, it’s quarterback Mitch ‘Mr Biscuit’ Trubisky. Imagine being both a designated leader of men and nicknamed Mr Biscuit.

It’s a death wish.

Aston Villa

A general view of the Seattle Skyline

NFL Equivalent: Seattle Seahawks

I’ll admit, there’s very little sporting evidence to support this, save for perhaps the scrapping similarities of Jack Grealish and Russel ‘Hustle and Bustle’ Wilson.

It’s more of a vibe thing. Both Birmingham and Seattle are a bit rainy, and both have historically good tv shows – in ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Frasier’ – to perk their citizens up. You know, that kind of vibe.


Glenn Murray

NFL Equivalent: Arizona Cardinals

Both of these teams have placed their faith in high-potential, untested, high-risk prospects, and they are Graham Potter (Geography teacher-looking tactician) and Kyler Murray (22-year-old QB stud who had his pick of both professional football and baseball in college). 

So yeah, they’re exactly the same. I mean, Brighton’s most potent attacker is called Murray, FFS (editor’s note: it’s actually Shane Duffy, the greatest footballer of all time).


Ashley Barnes

NFL Equivalent: Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore and Burnley. Maryland and Lancashire. ‘The Wire’ and, err, a Sarah Lancashire show?

Anyway, there’s more than just location that puts these two peas in a pod. Both have their league’s greatest attacking entertainer, the most overbearing offensive overlord thus far this season.

That would be Lamar Jackson and Ashley Barnes, obviously. 


Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Eric Mills (89)

NFL Equivalent: Pittsburgh Steelers

Two of the most successful teams of their lands losing their greatest (or two) players in the off-season, countering those losses with youthful hope and then starting off the season with drastic drubbings from rivals. 

See Chelsea. See the Steelers.

Crystal Palace

Roy Hodgson

NFL Equivalent: Oakland Raiders

Wide players who don’t/didn’t want to be there and old coaches. That’s it, that’s the tweet.


Deshaun Watson,Xavier Su'a-Filo,Chris Clark

NFL Equivalent: Houston Texans

Outshone by their doted on local rivals, these two sides perennially promise a lot, and then perennially a) come seventh or b) lose in the wild card round.

Leicester City


NFL Equivalent: Philadelphia Eagles

Two teams who realised an unlikely, unprecedented and wondrous dream in the last few years, and haven’t stopped talking about it since. 

And yet, despite their against-the-odds triumphs, it hasn’t blunted their fighting spirit on the field, as they remain dark horse contenders to this day.



NFL Equivalent: New England Patriots

Hold your horses, Reds. Let’s be clear, you are not the New England Patriots of the Premier League this century. You have not dominated the league for nigh-on 20 years – far, far from it. 

What you have, though, is an irrepressibly irritating fanbase, an ‘It Means More’ mentality and yeah, fine, some recent successes. That is what you share with the Patriots. To be honest, you’re far more Red Soxes than you are Patriots (John Henry, Fenway etc), but it’s not my fault the MLB isn’t marketable enough for an article like this, so Brady and Belichick it is.

Manchester City

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

NFL Equivalent: Los Angeles Rams

A difficult one, I won’t lie. There’s no real comparison point for Man City in the NFL, considering the counter-culturally socialist policies of the league. Their recent domination may be more in tune with the Patriots, but the models with which the two have achieved their success couldn’t be more disparate.

So, yeah, the Rams. The new lads on the block, ready to take Los Angeles by, err, tepid applause. To be fair, in Sean McVay, they do have the Pep Guardiola of the forthcoming generation, so it’s not all forced. May their coaching trees be tall and wide for the rest of eternity.

Manchester United 

NFL Equivalent: Dallas Cowboys

*Inserts spiderman meme* Christ, these two are identical twins. The bonafide team of their country, with historical success coming out of their ears, they’ve been thwarted in recent times by a geriatric board and insufficient coaching.

Oh, and for context, the above player is Jason Witten who, after a year of dour punditry following his retirement, has returned to the team for this season. Yes, it’s exactly like if Paul Scholes cowed to United fans’ pleas and returned to the side.

Newcastle United

Steve Bruce

NFL Equivalent: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ageing coaches called ‘Bruce’ coming into ‘resurrect’ the team? A history of woulda, shoulda, coulda? Players who’ve been given chances they don’t deserve (Jonjo Shelvey and Jameis Winston)? Less than desirable owners (Mike Ashley and, yeah, the Glazers)?

That sounds about right. 

Norwich City

Teemu Pukki

NFL Equivalent: Green Bay Packers

Forget glory, forget trophies, this is about two arguably more important things. 

Firstly, kits – who doesn’t love a bit of yellow and green, AMIRITE?

Secondly, to paraphrase the great(?) Swae Lee, I can confirm that Teemu Pukki and Aaron Rodgers are in fact the same thing.

Sheffield United

David James Prepares For Trip To Miami

NFL Equivalent: Miami Dolphins

These two are tactical innovators. One deploys centre backs in attack, because why the hell not, and the other, well, the other is intentionally sh*te. Intentionally sh*te, that is, in order to get better players. That’s how it works over the pond.

Yeah, that’s right, Double David James. You know you love it.


Jimmy Graham

NFL Equivalent: New Orleans Saints

It’s Saints Corner! Oh When the Saints! I mean, sure, if you were going off history, relevance, greatness and all that, Ralph Hassenhuttl and co. would be closer to the ignominy of, I don’t know, the Detroit Lions. 

But here. Have Drew Brees and the food behemoth of New Orleans, lads. Just a little something from me to you. Enjoy.

Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane

NFL Equivalent: Minnesota Vikings

Tortured bottlers. Next?


Manchester City v Watford - Premier League

NFL Equivalent: Atlanta Falcons

The Hornets (via a Moose, for some reason) and the Falcons. They both fly, right? But also, terrible – albeit contrasting – losses in a recent final that they clearly haven’t got over etc etc.

West Ham United

Chad Pennington

NFL Equivalent: New York Jets

Something something bad team something something periphery something big city. Claim to have a storied history and a defined ‘way’. In reality, they’re just consistently lost/last. 

To be fair, at least the Jets have actually won a league title.


Molineux Stadium

NFL Equivalent: Cleveland Browns

Deprived of success throughout their history and befit with an ugly, orangey colour scheme, these two sides are reinventing themselves, looking to upend their previous reputation and forge a new path.

Yes, their youthful naivety and shallow squad depth can still show up now and again, but the only way is up. Probably.


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