Argentina 0:4 Germany

Eins. Zwei. Drei. Fri. One Two. Three. Four. Germans again four goals as England. 8-1 is its balance of eighths and quarters rather than to the ladder. Although at times it seemed the British and Argentines at this stage to have invented roller Löw. Four. Playing football. At the foot or into space. Not a pitch. With a performance that does not have England or Argentina course. Germany’m afraid …

We said yesterday that this game was the final acid test for the Mannschaft. A glorious shirt front. Messi. Argentina that left a doubt, but coming flood. A real game. Müller needed three minutes to mark distances and make clear who would command. “Gol psychological? Clarifier. First ball stop, first portrait of albiceleste behind: the monumental Schweinsteiger put the heart of the Argentina and Müller came forward to head all somewhat fundamental. Maradona’s team never had been at a disadvantage, what would I do without midfield with no real plan of equipment? Well, with that sin came and with that he went home, milled goals: did little, just ran.

Müller opened the melon, the player who snubbed Maradona this spring when his team won by 0-1 in a friendly, agreed on the Diego press conference and said, “I do not feel a ball boy.” Müller did not know. You do not ever forget.

Argentina and Germany felt the blow smelled blood. He had the 2-0, but missed the final shot. During the break we would live if the repetition of the Brazil-Holland: Brazilians not crushed during the first part with all in favor and ended up paying.
But no.

Argentina braces. Mascherano was not enough, only in the containment, Tevez and Di Maria torn between opening the field and join his partner to stop that was coming. Germany played and waited. Messi came to start the game in right lateral position … Yes, this is a game of midfield and Argentina does not. And if you have stayed on the bench. Veron, Bolatti … What you need, but did not appear.

Maradona presented all its shortcomings as a coach. He never had weight in the party, did not take a single decision. Even change players: it occurred already 2-0 down: Otamendi by Pastore. Late, missing only the final dance. A Schweinsteiger jugadón of recalling the goal of the Vulture to Cadiz, to clinch a defense. The Klose both 14 at the World Cup, will only forward Ronaldo with 15. Lacking that, the blasting and Grossen German victory lap after the game. Won is a computer, used to happen.
The detail. Messi, vacuum and crying

Lionel Messi retired very shocked the party and in the locker room, as confirmed by Maradona, he continued to mourn. Messi Ballon d’Or 2009, is leaving without scoring a single goal which was to be his World.

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