Argentina 1:0 Nigeria

One game was enough to leave doubts Argentina, if any existed. Theirs is looking for Messi to do two things: the goal of the century he alone or combined with one of the great forwards that accompany it, and bring oil together. No more. No, not going to be a collective game, a true hierarchy. Neither the favorite 4-4-2 Diego, that changed yesterday to 4-3-3 or 4-4-4 if you would permit, I fear.

It is a system problem, it is what it is. Argentina is a suspect defense without a serious side (not a joke, is not any), his army of ‘tips’ and Mascherano, Lone Ranger of midfield. He had (at the bank Bolatti) more midfielders and he can not play good football without them. A Javier accompanied him the rest of Veron, Di Maria and when Messi and Tevez stepped back: yourselves. He won, yes. And he could do five to Nigeria this young and inexperienced, but their aim failed him, strangely, on this occasion. It was a burst, without grace and know it. Kisses, hugs and leaps of all after the game confirmed something interesting: if you know what they play. To yesterday, to win without asking how.

If this applies to become champions? I think not. But surely advance in this World Cup so far ruled out completely level and it would be sinful to a team that has so Messi and gunpowder. The question is exciting: Maradona did in Mexico 86 to champion an Argentine team that also was a marvel, the wonder was he. All we then know that if Diego was born Cypriot, Cyprus would have won that championship. Will the same thing I read here? I do not know a server is still siding with those who believe it is still the player / cannibal who was his coach now, 10 to devour your opponent, their peers and even himself. But Messi and reminds me of the Germans before and as always: until you see him KO and showering, do not sing victory.

The winning goal was Heinze, making allusion to the lack of marksmanship of his colleagues yesterday. He went to the exit of a corner after Messi jugadón. Veron corner threw Gaby took the lack of concentration behind Nigeria: each occurrence of an African team leaves the critical error, remember the South Africa and Mexico. Leo what did they jugadita (control on the outside, I’m going inside, I open road and hit him screw) four or five times, but ran into Enyeama and made more international than it is. Higuain missed a clear hand in hand, at the same Messi, the best, happened afterwards. The little touched Pipa Di Maria, an alleged partner in the near Madrid, almost less.
First shot at the end.

And of course: both need to be in contact with the ball and Argentina had the obligation. Ordered because it is far superior to rival grayer version of Nigeria in the World Cup. He threw sticks for the first time between the 80th minute, was ordained as a team so innocent. His best piece was the lateral field Taiwo, who retired injured. Shagged ended without some Romero’s goal came with Argentina suffering not a bad bounce, a lucky shot. It would have been unfair: the albiceleste deserved to win and did. He came to that and while it succeeds, you sing a Gardel!, Bilardo would say. Ie: ping me, I sleep in Pikolín. The ends and means, as usual

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