Argentina 4-1 Spain

The World Cup has deprived Spain of the friendlies. Now, every game, with or without points on the table, defending a title and is forced to learn, even bloody as yesterday, that prestige is a blessed and heavy pack, and each will own a medal defeat others. Argentina hung it, which shattered a champion weakened lineup, enthusiasm and energy. Defeat was the worst side in years because the selection for a time lost not only the spirit but also the dominant style, almost unanswerable, which has led him to the top of the world and the Prince of Asturias (bad day to announce it).

In Argentina, the country makes it soccer, glued to society and make the citizens feel a superpower in something. And their players come to your call injured, tired, depressed, or unbelievers, because any excuse to remove this from the slight and high treason. And before that enemy proud and eager to fight was reckless saved five starters. The party did not invite political decisions or to save the benefit of the clubs. Xavi is the lecture hall and without it, Spain thought less and more slowly. He also lost offensive stride without defensive force without Torres and Ramos. And we split the Atlantic in burning warrior. The selection should not be anything to herself. Argentina should be a World Cup. And it showed at the start of the match. In 13 minutes it cleared Messi and Higuain. Two goals in two served hand in hand with Reina who speak ill of the deputies and central lateral holders. One quarter of an hour was Vietnam.

Better without Maradona. At this point we can say that Maradona left the message, but not the method. Maradona always believed that we would be on July 11 in Johannesburg. Therefore, if asked by the time he said that Spain was the world champion of football “with goals of cost.” And if you gave away a goal against Mexico, argued that arbitration favors those who received the Red.

That speech was psychic fuel for Argentina, but Batista plays infinitely better. Where once there were great strikers (all marked) with a desert on the back there is now a game mechanics, led by Banega and Cambiasso, both excluding the World Cup. Its a touch football disarmed Spain and gave the ball to the albiceleste. And with the ball Messi is Barca and not an imposter. The world number one, come on.

In Spain, abandoned by Cesc, Iniesta and Silva, cost him a world rising from the canvas. He returned to it after a flood of misery. Villa Two shots crashed into the pole and a slip of Reina as he tried to control a transfer of Tevez gave Arbeloa 3-0. It was a comic haul will go down in history as one of his father’s own goal against the Netherlands 37 years ago.

The second part partially restored facade. With Cazorla Navas and the team was wider. With Xavi and Peter, deeper. With Llorente, higher. We went back to touch the stick, and we squander chances to save the honor with the goal of La Rioja, replied almost immediately by Aguero. And Argentina is that we plugged up the emergency exit.

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