Full name: Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín
Date of birth: 10 December 1987
Place of birth: Brest, France
Nationality: Argentine/French
Playing position: Striker
Height: 1.84 m
Weight: 81.5 kg
Foot: both

Gonzalo Higuaín was born on 10 December 1987 in Brest, France, where his father played after stints with Boca Juniors and River Plate in Argentina. Gonzalo is known as Pipita after his father, who was nicknamed Pipa. Higuaín does not occupy an extracommunitarian spot on the squad because he is a French national. He had little difficulty when it came time to choose whether to play for Argentina or France, however.

The son of the Argentine former footballer Jorge Higuaín, who was playing for Stade Brestois 29 as an expatriate. Therefore, he holds dual French-Argentine nationality. Having left the country at the age of 10 months, he did not return to France until the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Even though he does not speak French, he holds a French passport because his father was naturalized in France. He successfully applied for Argentine nationality in January 2007. Higuaín has two older brothers, Nicolas and Federico and one younger brother, Lautaro.

His brother Federico plays for River Plate, where they played together in Gonzalo’s debut on 30 May 2005 (Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata 2-1 River Plate).

Higuaín is very down to earth and he doesn’t follow fashion trends. He is simple and quiet-spoken, although seeing him joking around and having fun with the Brazilians on the squad is a common sight.

Gonzalo Higuaín jumped onto the world football stage after being named Breakthrough Player on Argentina’s 2006 Torneo Apertura. “Pipita” is known for his speed in the last third of the pitch, his great striking ability, and his precisionpassing. Quick, elegant, and a knack for decision-making make Higuaín a fashionable forward in today’s world of football.

Higuaín scored his first goal as Madridista against Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in 2006/07. His propensity for scoring in derbies dates back to his first Boca-River clash, when he led Los Millonarios to victory with a stunning brace. During his first year with Real Madrid he was criticised for rushing his shots on goal, but his few successful finishes were worth their weight in gold; Higuaín netted the game winner in the team’s amazing 4-3 comeback against Espanyol and lit a spark under his teammates in the season-closer against Mallorca.

He signed for Napoli on July 2013. for according to be €37m from Real Madrid. Whether he plays close to the six-yard box or along the right wing, Higuaín has what it takes to be a goal-scoring machine.

He signed for Juventus on July 2016. for according to be €95m from Napoli. On July 2018 he went to AC Milan on loan, while in January 2019 he went to Chelsea.

In 2020 he moved to Inter Miami, and in 2022 he retired at this club.

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    Te amo Pipita!! Eres en todos los corazones de los Madridistas. Amor de los Estados Unidos

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    i like your style playing football and you so down to earth
    you fit in so be a inspiring people

    don’t ever think alone because you have i’m next to you


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