Cuadrado not worried about Juventus start

Juan Cuadrado is not worried about Juventus’ start to the season and warns Barcelona ahead of their Champions League meeting on Wednesday.

The Old Lady sit fifth in the Serie A table with nine points in the opening five games, including a 3-0 win by default against Napoli.

“Comparing with the last few seasons this start was a bit slow,” admits the Colombian winger in an interview with Sky Sport.

“However, we still haven’t lost a game and I remember when we had another bad start but we managed to get back and achieved a great result.”

The former Chelsea man refers to the 2015-16 campaign when the Old Lady found themselves 11 points off the top of the table after 10 games. They still managed to win the title that season.

On Wednesday the Bianconeri will host Barcelona at the Allianz Stadium for the second game of their Champions League group stage.

“It’s going to be a beautiful match against a great opponent, we have to show the strength of Juventus.

“Against these teams we always bring out something more, we will prepare the game with determination and desire to win.

“We must remember that we are professionals, we have to pull everything out until the end.”


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