De Luca slams ’embarrassing’ Agnelli statement

The Governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca has slammed Juventus President Andrea Agnelli’s conduct regarding the controversial Juventus-Napoli case.

The match was not played, as Napoli were blocked by the local health authorities (ASL) and couldn’t travel to Turin, but Juventus turned up and patron Agnelli stressed his team followed the current protocol.

De Luca commented the incident and slammed the Bianconeri patron’s statement in a direct video on Facebook.

“The players, from a health point of view, are subjected to the same rules as all Italian citizens,” De Luca said. “And therefore Napoli will not play because they have been quarantined by the ASL.

“Juventus, through the words of President Andrea Agnelli, made a painful statement, embarrassing. ‘Since there’s a protocol, we will go to the stadium’, they declared.

“The Juventus President is a man who is passionate, not only about football, but philosophy too. And that’s why I remind him of what Schopenauer said: ‘The glory must be won; honour is not enough to not lose it’.

“If I had behaved in this way, I would have felt that I lost my sporting honour.

“We are talking about sport, sporting values, sporting loyalty, honest competition and respect for our opponents.

“But how can we reduce ourselves to the pettiness of pretending to win a match when the antagonists are quarantined by the ASL and not by their own will?”


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