Deschamps: ‘Rabiot improved at Juventus’

France coach Didier Deschamps credits Juventus with getting the best out of Adrien Rabiot. ‘When you are there, you do what they tell you to.’

Rabiot had famously been frozen out of the Bleus after he refused to be part of the reserves for the 2018 World Cup squad.

“He has grown so much. There were some complicated moments after PSG and it was a difficult start to his Juve career. I can’t say that he has been transformed, but he’s no longer the same player,” said Deschamps after France’s 1-0 win in Portugal.

“There is trust between us now and we continue to discuss matters. He doesn’t question if he’s playing too deep or more advanced, too much to the right or left. He has this ability to adapt.”

A former Juventus player himself, Deschamps is not surprised at the development Rabiot has experienced in Turin.

“I know the club he plays for. When you are there, you do what they tell you to. If you refuse to do what they say, then you’re out.

“Maybe he didn’t do it enough at the start, but he’s doing it now. We cannot cancel the past, but look forward. If I pick him, it’s because I believe he ought to play.”


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