Di Livio: ‘Bernardeschi and Eriksen out’

Angelo Di Livio believes Federico Bernardeschi ought to leave Juventus, Federico Chiesa should’ve moved last year, while Christian Eriksen doesn’t deserve an Inter start.

The former Juventus and Fiorentina man spoke to TMW Radio and had some harsh advice for two players who also represented both clubs.

“Juve always get the best young players, so I know Chiesa was criticised in Florence for this transfer, but it had to happen. In fact, it should’ve happened a year ago,” said Di Livio.

“Bernardeschi, however, struggles with competition for places and playing one of every three games makes it pretty difficult. He has to make a choice and I think leaving Juve would allow him to express himself to the full.”

Di Livio was teammates with current Inter coach Antonio Conte and shares his view of Danish international Eriksen.

“When a coach doesn’t pick you, it means you haven’t done enough in training to convince him. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t start Eriksen either, especially when there’s Nicolò Barella and Arturo Vidal.

“The trouble with Eriksen is he seems really sluggish, lazy and is so one-note in his approach. He doesn’t make the difference or change the tempo at any point.

“Barella is exceptional and Vidal a warrior, so I’d have no doubts choosing between those three who to leave out. The real problem for Inter is that they don’t have an alternative to Romelu Lukaku. He is their best striker and if they don’t have any understudy who can bring similar characteristics, you have to completely change the way the team attacks.”


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