Galacticos 3:2 Osasuna

Also wins Madrid in the 88th minute on a tightrope and the beating crocodile jaws. In fact, a time now, is his favorite way to get victories. At the border, with North by Northwest. I do not know if it’s a healthy way to live (by the heart, say), but with the same style as the team won the league then Capello was fired without coronary shortcomings, it is known. On the effect on the hearts Blaugrana no data, but imagine devastating. If sharp is the jump from failure to success, much worse is the trip otherwise. I suspect that the outcome of that league capelliana be explained from the psychological and the current swing takes a similar path. Against great art, the art of believing.

As always, the final burst has the power to erase all the above. We know that the victories serve to square the circle and join the statistics. No questions asked. However, there was shock and discovers a game we thought we passed after two good games. Nope. The Madrid was once again in the hands of genius, and also showed defensive weakness unknown. I do not think such a thing at this stage affect the morale of the staff, but could undermine the coach, which had gained strength with the ghost of Mourinho.

That said, Osasuna deserves a monument. Made to play and slipped through the crack to stop all great rival. And not only went ahead twice, but relied instead on what seemed the final bullet. It happened less than 20 minutes to go (2-2), when Masoud Vadocz and presented themselves before Casillas. Time to confirm their superiority, the Hungarian gave the Iranian goal, he behaved as if the most logical thing for him was totally unexpected. Anyway, reacted late and kick Masoud worst (out), entering its own right in the museum of the errors (horrors) inexplicable CardeƱosa section.

The Madrid must understand that as a signal and also Osasuna. Because you won the meters that gave the other. But on the field Aranda (replaced after a struggle colossal goal and assist), the visitors lost their reference in attack and only defend itself was orderly. His problem, then, was the clock had yet 15 minutes.

Put another march Madrid and focused on their strengths: yesterday, Marcelo and Christian. Their incursions were the most appropriate solution for a team supported by the best of the season Gago. In this triangle was the game, there was evidence. Cristiano had marked the first by sheer determination (and talent) and the second by Marcelo pure anarchy (headed in the grounds of nine).

The third was simply because it was inevitable. Higuain, in its sole and most brilliant contribution, crossed from the Christian band and headed along the far post and almost on the goal line. The move would have been surprising if Madrid does not collect similar goals. So rather than celebrate the goal unexpected, Real Madrid celebrated its accuracy was confirmed. In League, especially at the Bernabeu, this team always too good.

The rest were names. If moral victories counted, Camacho would be qualified for the Champions of good intentions. To Masoud and Albiol (assistant Aranda involuntary) is only delete the date from the calendar. Kaka also could erase this and start from yesterday, good game.

Anyone who still thinks that football is played with feet that pass through the Bernabeu. To understand the message five minutes would suffice, 85 to 90.

2 thoughts on “Galacticos 3:2 Osasuna

  1. Jafrin Morshed

    Higuain,what can i say to u because i m speechless.U r a great player.Good going for world cup.I wish u and ur team win.I love to see u in real madrid and Argentina team.And i want ur smile always stay at ur face.

  2. Arasya Ardie Sampoerna

    How do you do?
    I’m Ardie from Indonesia,you look so beauty when you show on a football competition.I like your style…

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