Goal against Club America

Three goals from Sergio Canales, and Cristiano Ronaldo Gonzalo Higuain gave Real Madrid victory by 2-3 against America of Mexico in the first pre-season friendly played in San Francisco (USA), an encounter that has led to the release Officer Jose Mourinho on the bench Madrid.

The Portuguese coach used the first round of the preseason as a test, and although the Real Madrid was much higher in the first half, Mourinho did not hesitate to change their pawns to continue taking notes even though this goes to the Perida control of the game for much of the second half.

In the first players, capital letters, were two: Benzema and Pedro Leon. The first appeared transformed, away from autistic player tempoarda enigmatic past, Karim brought out his many good qualities, joined with Christian and danger was both collective and individual actions. In one of them, and after having informed the crossbar with a lash, the Frenchman drew a large wall with Christian and served on a plate the first goal in Canales, who headed in pleasure. The Spaniard opens in front of goal and that you will be gaining in confidence, but on the field displays as a personality and a impudence that are appreciated.

With Christian and hyperactive Pedro León, Madrid overwhelmed his opponent and should have extended the score before the break, but neither Ronaldo nor Benzema matched in front of goal. What of Murcia is like to hope, Leon offered at all times, looked for holes and shot, got the corners, a marvel of quality and waste that must capitalize Mou.

What is Cristiano thing apart. He is unexpected because it is always, his delivery is beyond doubt and quality, without question, looks and mutiple when the team left the service. Tonight attended and equally thrashed to curdle a formidable party, in another reminder that another year will be the franchise player. If someone dares to argue with, the competition will benefit Madrid.

Despite the good feelings left by the first 45 minutes, Mourinho did not forget that these bolos are what they are and revolutionized the block in the second half. The strangest thing was the inclusion of Drenthe in the side, and most obvious was the realization that Mahamadou Diarra does not offer the level that is presumed and it should require a Real Madrid midfielder, something that has been warning for some time .

Both conclusions arrived when Madrid lost his place in the country disoriented by the changes, a situation that America took to stretch towards the target of Adam Dudek substitute for the resumption. After a couple of feints, soon drew Esqueda, and in just seven minutes the Mexicans turned the scoring with a deflected shot from Vicente Sanchez with his left, who took advantage of a very serious error of Diarra in midfield.

Lack of rhythm, his only excuse, “misplaced, reflexes slow and short, as always, and more focused on the rear to the horizon, the name of the Malian player has earned the first cross in the book Mourinho that surely will not forgive such shameful action of one of his kids.

Even with that patch on the retina, the Madrid was forced to react. It is true that the arrival of Mourinho in the ‘Casa Blanca’ may change many things in this Real Madrid, but there are some that are intrinsic to the team, for example, to react forcefully to the opponent’s goal. Spurred by the second America, Higuain tables back in action immediately following, taking a pass from Cristiano to connect a great cross shot.

With nearly half an hour before the draw put the party in an ongoing exchange of shares and instances in which either team could expand the scoreboard, but between the good work of Adam and the failures of the front, the debut Mourinho with the Real Madrid badge seemed doomed to Ampat. Even the referee was allowed to juggle entusismados viewers a goal by Higuain, who capped a sensational volley combination Barn and Ronaldo.

And then came Christian, he could try a kick from the front to connect a powerful shot that ended in the network. The goal of the Portuguese gave the victory to his compatriot in his debut, and Real Madrid in the first game of the season, a game that leaves a good feeling and a number of conclusions, ranging from the recovery of the blast Benzema Pedro León with stop-off on the surplus, Diarra the most obvious, although there are other cases of Drenthe or Granero, who seem bent on oppositional to the office.

Di Maria’s case apart. The Argentine broke in the second act and showed his quality in a single action. That is a great player may not take questions, but it is the player that Madrid need in place is a mystery that only time will clear. On Sunday, the second test before the LA Galaxy, will have another chance. We all have.

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