Gonzalo Higuain Injury History

Nicknamed El Pipita, like his father, Gonzalo Higuain is a popular Argentine footballer currently playing for Serie A club, Juventus. The resourceful striker started his career at River Plate before being traded for $12 million to real Madrid in 2007. Higuain won several domestic honors during his time in Spain, scoring a total of 107 goals in 190 matches. To date, he has played for several international teams including Napoli, Chelsea and currently Juventus, making among the best strikers in the world.

Despite his brilliant performances, Gonzalo has suffered injuries multiple times in his career, though he always comes out stronger in the end. As you claim the offer from BetRivers promo code for an amazing first deposit bonus, here’s everything you want to know about Higuain’s injury history.

Torn Muscle Fibre – 11th to 28th January 2010

After joining the Real Madrid squad in 2007, Gonzalo Higuain suffered his first injury during the 2009/2010 season, taking 17 days to recover from 11th to 28th January. As a result, he missed two games.

Back injury – 29th November 2010 to 31st March 2011

In what remains to be Higuain’s biggest injury in his career, he suffered from a herniated lumbar disc in the same year as his first injury. The Real Madrid medical staff advised him to get an operation, missing a total of 26 games during his 122 days of recovery.

Muscular Problems – 8th November 2012 to 7th January 2013

While playing for Real Madrid in a game against Borussia Dortmund, Gonzalo suffered the second-largest injury of his career. Gonzalo had to be removed at half-time following thigh muscle problems, missing out on 12 games for 60 days.

Hamstring injury – 30th September to 17th October 2013

After joining the Italian club, Napoli, in July 2013 for €40 million, Gonzalo suffered from a hamstring injury a few months later and took 17 days to recover, missing only two games in 17 days.  However, he was able to take the Coppa Italia trophy in his first season.

Knock – 5th May to 5th July 2014

While Napoli walked away with a scoreless draw against Inter Milan, it came at a steep price Gonzalo left with an ankle injury. The striker took about a month to recover from the injury, missing a total of three games. However, that was his last major injury in his career, though he has sustained minor injuries over the years.

Gonzalo Higuain’s Minor Injuries

Since 2014, Higuain has suffered from several injuries, though that hasn’t stopped or slowed his performance. These injuries include:

  • Hamstring injury from 21st – 24th November 2016, missing one game.
  • Surgery from 27th – 30th November 2017, but no games missed.
  • Ankle distortion from 19th February – 5th March 2018, missing two Juventus games.
  • Muscular Problems from 25th September – 1st October 2018 and missed two games.
  • Back Bruise from 4th – 9th November 2018, sitting out for two games.
  • Head injury from 27th October – 1st November 2019, only missing a single game.

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