Hattrick against Valencia!

The Real Madrid Valencia received the hallway making recognition of his recent victory in the final of the Copa del Rey. Both had to like the figure on Emery’s men held the courtesy and kindness to his illustrious visitor to the end. Delivered to the contemplative life, the Valencia players attended a festival on the part of Madrid, to a lesson from his second unit, each alternate display many of which are in alignment for Madrid not all fit on the starting lineup. The corridor eventually become a tour of the Deputies of Madrid to holders of third place in the Spanish league. This fact should serve us to reflect on the situation in which lives badly this competition, quite unbalanced.

Real had the same ambition, intensity, commitment and focus on each of the minutes of the game. His voracity not calmed goals and was an example of behavior that many were waiting on the hammer raised to strike him for showing no mercy at the Mestalla with a lineup in which only Casillas and Carvalho were starters in the Cup final can not be doubt that there wardrobe on this computer, another thing is the use hitherto made of it.

Moral rearmament after Cup triumph, freed from much of the pressure that has followed him during the course, but without losing the tension, Madrid ran over his opponent with a direct electric football. His lightning-quick counter-attacks, some of them manual, found no answer in Valencia, which has now turned into a toy tossed without mercy. The mother does not need an elaborate game, or long possession. Overwhelmed their opponents and finished the race running over with goals. With his big personality devoured a cramped and timid Valencia.

The destruction led to the signing Valencia Higuain, with a hat-trick and two assists, Benzema and Kaka, who made a double and galloped with joy unknown. The generosity of Valencia was the best remedy for medical problems and Brazilian football, ever since I saw the shirt of Real Madrid found so many facilities to rebuild their old figure and remember the player he once was. Goals from Soldier, and Jordi Alba Jonas did not go from being a story, a simple data for statistics.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the humiliation to which submitted the Madrid to Valencia only to note the alignment with the one presented at the Mestalla. Albiol and the squad newcomer Nacho occupied the sides, with Garay and Carvalho forming the central couple. Ahead of them stood Lass, with Barn on the right, left channels and Kaka ahead of them all. Above, a couple devastating, Higuain and Benzema.

Any doubts that might offer this line disappeared when the ball started rolling and Madrid was left without an opponent to be measured. There was no discussion possible, and before leaving the locker room Madrid had already settled the match. Went into halftime with a 0-4 as forceful as indisputable. Benzema checked first 20 minutes with a shot against the crossbar and from there came a flood of goals as Valencia drowned.

Benzema scored the first after a pass by Higuain and that Guaita not measure it in the output. The Argentine put his signature to the second after chasing Mathieu awaiting the ruling of the French. Higuain found his prize when the side claimed that Guaita cogiera the ball and what he did was to invite Argentina to score.

In Madrid crecidísimo, overflowing with confidence and Valencia with more questions than ever before, dropped two more. A great combination of Benzema, Higuain and Brazilian Kaka culminated with the third in the afternoon. A manual backlash Madrid, started with a great pass from Kaka Lass, ended the quarter of Madrid, Higuain work to pass from Brazilian midfielder. In between came after Valencia’s only response throughout the first half, a shot that cleared Banega Casillas.

No respite either Madrid to Valencia in the second half, which began with a pass from Kaka for the Argentine Higuain completed his hat-trick. Began to make up the result of measurement fata Soldier to time, but just smile Valencianism took three minutes to erase Kaka, who after a ‘pipe’ to beat Stankevicius Guaita. Wonderful Brazilian individual action.

Then it was time to save even more efforts in the visitor side. Xabi Alonso, Christian and replaced Pedro León Canales, Higuain and Garay and what should have improved the figure of Madrid he did was break it down. Madrid fell apart somewhat in the center and doubted in some defensive maneuvers, which took Valencia to Jordi Alba Jonas and scored two further goals.

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    Gonzalo higuain dnt transfer to any club u are d best scorer in madrid

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