Higuain: Let’s celebrate!

“We are happy and proud. We should enjoy this now. Fighting for the title with Barcelona and winning it is very special because they are a great side.”

“We have to enjoy this now after fighting for a whole year. It was an important and special match and we knew we would take the title if we won. We’re like a family and we feel very happy.”

7 thoughts on “Higuain: Let’s celebrate!

  1. amin

    Hello gonzalo higuain,i am a iranian boy.
    Please dont go from real madrid,dont go.

  2. amin

    I tell to every one that is iranian:
    want from higuain for stay at real madrid.

  3. Romisa

    I’m iranian.you don’t go from the Real madrid.
    Just don’t go

  4. ehsan

    hi pipita
    Please don’t leave madrid
    You are the best finisher in the world

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