How Jose Mourinho Compares to the Best Managers in Premier League History

New Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho is fifth in the all-time ranking of Premier League bosses after taking an average of 2.10 points per game during his time in England.

Mourinho joins his third different Premier League side as he takes over from Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs, a fourth separate spell overall, and will be determined to restore his reputation after consecutive sackings at Chelsea and Manchester United.

As far as the history of the division is concerned, there have been few better than Mourinho.

Of all Premier League managers who have taken charge of at least 50 games in the division since its inception in 1992, only Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson, Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp have better points per game records.

It puts the Portuguese ahead of title winners like Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini, Arsene Wenger and Manuel Pellegrini. Pochettino, meanwhile, has taken an average of 1.79 points per game in the Premier League across his spells at Southampton and Spurs.

Premier League Managers Ranked by Points per Game (min. 50 games):

Manager Games​ Wins​ Points​ Points per Game​
​Pep Guardiola ​126 ​95 ​301 ​2.39
​Sir Alex Ferguson ​810 ​528 1,752​ 2.16​
​Antonio Conte 76​ ​51 163​ ​2.14
​Jurgen Klopp ​156 97​ 330​ ​2.12
​Jose Mourinho ​305 ​190 640​ 2.10​
Carlo Ancelotti​ 76​ 48​ 157​ ​2.07
​Roberto Mancini 133​ 82​ 273​ 2.05​
Arsene Wenger​ 828​ 476​ 1,627​ 1,96​
Manuel Pellegrini​ 164​ 88​ 296​ 1.80​
Andre Villas-Boas​ 81​ 42​ 145​ 1.79​
​Louis van Gaal ​76 ​39 ​136 1.79​
Mauricio Pochettino​ 256​ 132​ 457​ 1.79​

Mourinho remains the fastest manager in Premier League history to record 50 wins in the competition, doing so in just 63 games back in first spell at Chelsea. By comparison, Guardiola needed 69 games to hit the half century, while Ferguson needed 82. Klopp doesn’t crack the top 10. For now, Mourinho is also the fastest to 100 wins. He managed that in 142 games.

Jose Mourinho

Fastest to 50 Wins as a Premier League Manager:

Manager​ Games to 50 PL Wins
​Jose Mourinho ​63
​Pep Guardiola ​69
​Antonio Conte 73​
​Manuel Pellegrini 75​
Sir Alex Ferguson​ 82​
Roberto Mancini​ 83​
Kenny Dalglish​ 91​
Kevin Keegan​ 92​
Rafael Benitez​ 93​
Arsene Wenger​ 94​

The Portuguese is only 10 shy of getting to the 200 mark, something that only Ferguson, Wenger, Harry Redknapp and David Moyes have ever achieved in 27 years of the division.

Recent jobs have negatively coloured modern opinions of Mourinho, but there was once a time when he was almost infallible. That is because from the start of his career at Benfica in 2000 until his departure from Real Madrid in 2013, his win percentage was 70.8% in league games.

Since leaving Spain, that win percentage in league fixtures has fallen to 56.8%. Spurs will be hoping that north London can be the stage where he is able to get back to his former best.

Trophies are what Mourinho does best. Despite his lower win rate in recent years, he has still won four major trophies with Chelsea and Manchester United in 2013.

He also remains the only manager in history to have won both the Champions League and UEFA Cup/Europa League at least twice each.Domestic cups are another strength, winning five in six full seasons in England alone since 2004.

Spurs famously haven’t won a trophy since Juande Ramos delivered a League Cup triumph in 2008, with silverware the one thing that has been missing from the club’s steady rise.

Jonathan Woodgate of Tottenham Hotspur c

The question is: has Mourinho had his day, or will he prove to be a home-run swing for Spurs?

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