Inter miss out on money after Euro exist

Inter’s exit from Europe is not just a heavy blow to their sporting reputation, but also financially, boosting Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta.

The Nerazzurri finished bottom of their Champions League group for the first time in their history, meaning they also missed out on a Europa League spot.

Simply reaching the Round of 16 would’ve been worth €9.5m in UEFA rewards, but they do at least pocket €50m from the group stage.

Notably, having won only one game, the bonus for performances is just €5.4m, the same as last season.

When Luciano Spalletti won two games in 2018-19, he earned €7.2m in bonuses.

Inter also miss out on their share of the market pool for TV rights, and this means the share going to Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta will be bolstered.

If Inter had reached the quarter-finals, that would’ve been worth €10.5m, then €12m for the semi-finals and €15m for the Final.

Even just participating in the Europa League, considering Inter made it to the Final last season, would’ve been a financial boon.


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