Juve, Bonucci refuses to blame Dybala

Leonardo Bonucci doesn’t blame Paulo Dybala for Lazio’s late equalizer: ‘Four or five of us made mistakes.’

Juventus were hold to an away 1-1 draw against Lazio with Felipe Caicedo who scored a late equalizer.

“We pulled off a Juventus performance for 93 minutes and 45 seconds,” the Italian told Sky Sport.

“We were solid and aggressive in the defensive phase, Lazio had created zero chances, then we conceded a goal on a ball that we could handle better.

“We must absolutely improve to reach our targets, it is the thing that must push us to give more and more.

“There are moments where you can risk the play, others where the ball must be kicked out of the stadium.”

Bonucci, however, refused to blame Paulo Dybala who mismanaged a ball on a Juventus counter allowing Lazio to take a throw in and score in the final second.

“It’s not the fault of those who came in, [Paulo] Dybala and [Federico] Bernardeschi did the job they had to do.

“We lost a ball and four or five of us made mistakes,” Bonucci insisted.

“There was no indication that we were close to conceding a goal but if you’re not 100% focused, you risk conceding goals. It must serve as a lesson.”

The Lazio striker scored after rounding the Italian defender inside the Old Lady’s box.

“How could I have defended him? He was good at turning around. In general we have to be less light.

“I got between the ball and the ball as they taught me, he was good at turning with his right foot. Surely I could do more, but you also have to recognize the merits of the opponents”.


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