Mallorca 0-0 Real Madrid

Time is the only thing that can not be found in the football market. It lacks the Madrid and Barca will give it, which was a thoroughbred boot direct and unequivocal message. Real are required to improve progress, still win, because they face a colossal enemy. For that was Mourinho, who represents the reliability, about immortality, in football, but does not improve the video libraries. The false start yesterday left Madrid shrunk to a football first and then walked free without success, to the greater glory of Aouate.

Mallorca, devastated by the bankruptcy law, the departure of seven players, the lack of reinforcements (few and late), and the general malaise about the exclusion in Europe, keeps part of the work yet romantic rose Manzano. Think like a team that defends well, is oxygenated with the seven lungs of De Guzman and even in attack looks fine thanks to the left of Castro. And when all else fails, is your goalie, last night in a superhero role. Laudrup also gives good use what he has.

Mourinho left the bench three signings (Pedro Leon and Khedira and Ozil reputadísimos). The curriculum shelters only Portuguese, in their capacity as King Midas, but not their players, which for him have no past or price. So played Lass, who in the early summer was clearly dispensable. So he started Canales, Valdano example of what qualifies as a meritocracy, form of government practiced by Mou that equates to expensive and cheap.

However, the change of direction has not distanced the game that the team practiced in the immediate past unproductive. Now come two extremes, Cristiano and Di Maria, but soon found an excuse to play band changed or to escape it. The Portuguese, who at times seems in a better mood and more united, has lost its vocation of peripheral player, but what it conceals its polyfunctionality. Still, from time to time, he overlooks that air of righteous loner who helps the team so little.

Di Maria, lost. Di Maria, however, far from the left wing, part of the landscape. Porter on the sidelines, nothing seems less recyclable in football than a pure point. A-Channel, a footballer of occurrences of last pass, he demands a job that remains fresh. In this paper correlotodo not give more than an hour. Ozil then spent less and offered more.

The summary was that Madrid, which also widened the sides are short and without daring (not sure if its own initiative or technical limitations), not even for a python attacked or the other. Managed the vapidity and possession with the final push, driven by desperation, not by the order or the gameplay. And then he was abandoned by luck and marksmanship. Cristiano got caught as a juvenile in a head to head with Aouate, well prepared for Benzema. And Higuain, the most sparkling of the front of attack, Israeli perceived her a shot at close range with the same solvent that had taken two one-on-one before, which of course came the Argentine faltered after suffering two fouls not penalized .

Before Mallorca suffered little (a couple of shots out of Christian) and returned a few hits: Castro a left cross, a header from Victor Nsue and a spicy and a lack launched by De Guzman. After the draw was understood that a greater good and encanalló a party that Madrid did not know sink your teeth into. The lack of scoring brought the expected side effects: central balls of Benzema who skipped two lines, lack of patience for drawing, soccer without extremes. And so they left the Madrid two points in the prologue, too long for the pace of punishment that is presumed to champion.

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