Napoli-Atalanta clampdown on fans

As COVID-19 cases surge in Italy, the Commissioner for Sport in Naples warns Napoli-Atalanta cannot have 1,000 fans, while the Juventus ruling was ‘worthy of a Banana Republic.’

The second wave has definitively hit Italy, with another 8,804 new cases over the last 24 hours, 83 deaths and 326 admitted to hospital.

There are currently 586 people in intensive care, while 99,266 are positive at this moment.

As a result, the local authorities in Naples have ordered that schools be closed until October 30.

“I think we’re going towards a change in the ruling allowing 1,000 fans into the stadium for Napoli-Atalanta this weekend,” Commissioner for Sport in Naples Ciro Borriello told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“As things stand right now, we do not have the conditions to guarantee that. There are difficult figures that are truly alarming and we are paying for the failure to respect rules.”

Borriello was also asked about the decision from the Lega Serie A to condemn Napoli to a 3-0 defeat and docked a point for not attending the Juventus fixture.

“It’s scandalous, a sentence you’d expect in a Banana Republic. It’s disgusting. Andrea Agnelli ought to be ashamed.”

Napoli insist they were ordered not to travel by the local authorities after two COVID-19 cases in the squad, whereas the Lega Serie A pointed out the existing protocol took these scenarios into account.


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