One goal against Mallorca

Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid. So great is this player and so is this team. Real did not play well, but was a Christian, a football bestial, superlative, the best heir and successor of the historic grandeur of this club. All movements, all ambition, all quality, all the character shown by this great player in every game they merely to aggrandize himself and to debase some of his companions, who seem to be absent and unmotivated when they are playing League. It will be because they are out of shape and hinder rather than provide, such as Kaka, is because they may not give for more and ownership of Madrid comes great as Granero, it will be because the presence of the giant Christian not only increases its limitations, as Higuain, who scored when the party had already decided all the Portuguese, is because he plays because behind contribute less, and Gago. Is that why or not, but the fact is that Christian is determined to win this league and with his ambition, which will accompany Ramos, Casillas and Xabi, is dragging the entire wardrobe. With a hat-trick solved the visit of Madrid to Palma and held the whole of Manuel Pellegrini in the race for the championship.

With Cristiano beside you can not pay, you are in evidence, and that ambition is saving to Madrid that he was flat out of ideas and the anxiety it could for most of the night. It is a group incapable of being regularly for an entire match, to command, to always have the initiative, managed and suffer against teams who have closed the spaces and the pernicious vice of attack in the middle and forget about the bands, but in League does not need to play well to win. You just need to get the ball to the edge of the area and if possible give a Christian.

And is that all the problems solved the Portuguese, with the special collaboration of Casillas, who appeared to clear at least three clear chances of Mallorca where he had the worst pint meeting. Those who stop at their looks, in that cocky look that marks the distance off the field, they forget the big player behind it. Is the total player, that kills you at the top and bottom, with spaces and coming from behind, pulling phenomenon faults and one of the best-heading we can see. He is a genius. Let’s enjoy it.

Real Madrid are two computers in one. One lethal, sharp, ambitious and destabilizing in attack, and another nervous, indecisive, confused and lacking in defense. This has been presented in the decisive stretch League play, split in two, with two fabulous items that will hold when going downhill without brakes and direct the precipice. The above Casillas and, above all, Christian.

He started the game badly Madrid, off, without tension, a Mallorca exceeded that played the Champions League, but the tank was completely emptied in the second half. As he took the air created many problems, helped by the indolence visitor, which ended the quarter hour when Aduriz scored for Real Mallorca. Before he had a goal disallowed when Chori Castro for a tight offside and Casillas was brilliant in a shot by Borja Valero.

Real had been reduced to two shots of Christian until the 25th minute appeared to fail Higuain mano a mano against Aouate. There were hustlers and Madrid and stretch completely finished just a minute later when Cristiano balanced outcome. The Portuguese made no mistake. He took a superb cross from Ramos and doubts Nunes and Aouate to leave the first of three firms in Palma.

The picture had changed, but before the break still had to appear a few times to deflect Casillas auctions and Aduriz Castro, as were the last two occasions of Majorca in the rest of the evening.

After going through the locker room there was no team in the field that Madrid, which owns all of the situation, but not the game. You do not need. Mallorca, exhausted, faded and dismay that Apple dropped the team also invaded the referee Clos Gomez, who whistled a clear penalty Bulk Ruben. An error that repeated much later when the demolition was not a Christian Josemi.

But at that point everything was decided and it was commissioned and Christian. It marked the second in the 57th minute, after another superb pass from Ramos, and the third quarter of an hour later. Kaka had already withdrawn to let Guti and Granero left his site disappeared then Diarra. Air to keep the distance, a distance that widened Higuain in decent little left on all night, with a beautiful Vaseline.

He decided to withdraw Christian Pellegrini to let Benzema. The signal that was close the game.

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