Premier League Kits 2019/20: Every Away Shirt Ranked From Worst to Best

The football season is finally upon us and Watford have finally decided to release their away kit (not that I’ve been waiting to publish this for weeks now – about time, lads).

It has been a difficult few months without our beloved beautiful game. Endless Twitter refreshing hoping to see that sought after signing, only to be met with more news on the record-breaking week-long heatwave rather than record-breaking transfers.

One thing that has kept us football fans busy (apart from the Women’s World Cup, Copa America, Africa Cup of Nations and the rest)? Those good old football kit launches.

​We’ve done the home kits, now here’s your definitive (and not at all biased) ranked list of all 20 ​Premier League 2019/20 away clobber. 

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20. Norwich City

19th on the official ​90min ​home kit list, 20th on the away shirt list. It’s not gone well for ​Norwich City in regards to the 19/20 kit reveals.

Let’s hope the Canaries manage to better those positions in next year’s Premier League table.

Disclaimer: We don’t hate Norwich, we just really don’t like their kits. ​At all.

19. Aston Villa​

​​Iconic is one word I suppose. Having hipsters model the kit does not make it any more appealing either. 

18. Burnley

Similar to above, without the hipsters. Three horrific betting sponsorships in a row is no coincidence. 

17. Chelsea 

​​Chelsea this low down? I can feel the furious tweets being typed. Collars on football kits, though? For me – absolutely not. 

Why you would put a collar on the away kit and not the home one is beyond me. Looks like something you’d wear to (unsuccessfully) impress your Tinder date. 

16. Southampton 

You’ve got to feel for ​Southampton with this one. It’s actually a relatively decent shirt, but can somebody please explain what on God’s green earth that horrendous sponsor is? Kit ruiner.

15. Liverpool 

​Liverpool seem to enjoy testing the waters when it comes to their away strips in recent times. Sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn’t. This one doesn’t. 

14. Tottenham Hotspur​

It’s just a bit, well, boring isn’t it? 

In an era where every club and their dog are trying to be ‘dangerous’ in their designs, ​Spurs are keeping it simple, maybe too simple. 

13. Everton

​It’s different, cannot argue with that, but, whilst ever there is a fat ANGRY BIRDS logo emblazoned on the sleeve, ​Everton shirts can not be taken seriously. 

12. Bournemouth 

This kit is bringing all the nostalgia right now. What do you see when you look at this kit? Robbie Keane wheeling off and performing his iconic celebration of course. 

Wait, what, it’s not Spurs? 

11. Brighton & Hove Albion

Similar to the (actual) Spurs kit with the simplistic design, this is simple but a lot more effective. Not enough black kits out there.

10. Watford 

2019/20, the year the entire Premier League decided that betting sponsorships were a good idea. 

Decent strip, though. 

9. Newcastle United

Vast improvement on the home kit. Maybe Mike Ashley doesn’t hate the ​Toon Army after all…

8. Manchester United

Spent far too long deliberating where to put this in the rankings. It’s decent. Too much Chevrolet, though. Maybe ​United should have taken part in the #SaveOurShirt campaign… 

7. Sheffield United

Decent first effort from the Premier League newcomers. Material looks fresh. Europa League finish? They’ll take that in the new (real) campaign. 

6. Wolverhampton Wanderers ​

An ever-improving team on the pitch and an ever-improving team off the pitch so it seems. 

It’s not the best in the list but it’s far from the worst. Certainly fit for the mighty 2019 Premier League ​Asia Trophy Champions.

5. Crystal Palace​​​

​Palace bringing the funk to their travels. ​Benteke absolutely loves it, and so do we. 

Only issue is that it’s a bit of a BTEC version of the new ​Manchester City strip (sorry).

4. West Ham United 

I was blowing bubbles when I saw this new ​West Ham kit – terrible pun, nice shirt. 

Slick, simple, smart. New record signing Sebastien Haller looks well in to it, too. 

3. Manchester City

When this kit was first released, I was convinced that there wouldn’t be a shirt better within the 19/20 Premier League, but ultimately, this is one trophy the Citizens won’t be winning this coming season. 

It’s still bloody stunning, though. #ThoseHaciendaVibezzz

2. Leicester City​

Pink to make football fans wink. A kit fit for an ​£80m defender ​if I’ve ever seen one. It’s a shame that he won’t get the chance to wear it in competitive action, though. Sorry, ​Leicester fans.

1. Arsenal

​Arsenal are invincible for the second time! Bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing that for a while?

Okay, so they aren’t invincible in the footballing sense but they’ve only gone and topped the charts for both best home and away kit heading into the 19/20 season and we all know what the most important accomplishment is here.​​

Fair play though Arsenal, unbelievable new strips. Helps when you’ve got fashion icon Hector Bellerin modelling, too.


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