Premier League Table: 90min Experts *Cough* Predict 2019/20 Finishing Positions

Oh thank god, it’s back. It’s been almost a month since we had football on tap with the Women’s World Cup, Copa America, Gold Cup, Africa Cup of Nations and…well, hasn’t it sucked? 

Thankfully, we’re back. New season, new players, new dreams, new chances for 90min’s finest to make predictions which will humiliate them for weeks and months to come. August: it’s good. 

The individual tables are all below and – most important – the collated table, with everyone’s predictions added up with maths and science, is at the bottom. People’s Twitter handles are linked to their names where they’ve given their justifications, so feel free to shout at them directly. 

Position ​Chris Deeley​
​Scott Saunders​
​Andrew Headspeath
​1 Manchester City​ Manchester City Manchester City​
​2 Spurs​ Liverpool​ Liverpool​
​3 ​Liverpool Manchester United Spurs​
4​ Manchester United​ Arsenal​ Arsenal​
5​ Arsenal​ Spurs​ Manchester United​
​6 Chelsea​ Chelsea​ Chelsea​
​7 Leicester​ ​Leicester ​West Ham
​8 ​West Ham ​Wolves ​Leicester
​9 ​Wolves ​Everton ​Everton
10​ ​Everton ​West Ham ​Wolves
​11 Southampton​ Bournemouth​ ​Southampton
​12 Watford​ ​Southampton Bournemouth​
​13 Bournemouth​ Watford​ Watford​
​14 Crystal Palace​ ​Crystal Palace ​Burnley
15​ ​Burnley ​Aston Villa Aston Villa​
​16 ​Newcastle ​Burnley ​Norwich
17​ ​Aston Villa ​Newcastle ​Crystal Palace
​18 ​Brighton ​Brighton ​Newcastle
​19 ​Norwich ​Norwich ​Brighton
​20 ​Sheffield United Sheffield United​ ​Sheffield United

What They Said

Chris: There are five tiers in the Premier League this season: 1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-13, 14-20. The teams are pretty locked into those range of finishes, but exactly where they’ll finish in their mini-league is a mystery. 

Except for Man City and Sheffield United, obviously. 

Kyle Walker

Scott: It’s just too difficult to see past Manchester City this season, again. They’re too good. I’ve got this nagging feeling that Real Madrid are going to bomb, Zinedine Zidane’ll get sacked and Mauricio Pochettino’s getting his head turned to the detriment of Spurs. Pie in the sky I know, but we’re having fun here.

I fancy Sheffield United and Norwich to go straight back down, while any number of teams from 14th down could join them because they’re all as bad as each other. I’ve picked Brighton though, because they’re just that little bit more bad.

Andrew: I fully expect Liverpool to be unable to keep up the heat on City, while Spurs are strengthening well and have the shiny new stadium, lest we forget. Arsenal look the best of the rest, with Chelsea boasting about two xG for the whole season post-Hazard and United still short a few players and the right manager…and board. 

Anyone south of Watford could go down. If Palace lose Wilfried Zaha it could be curtains (obvious point alert), while Villa’s signings look a bit ‘Fulham’. Sheffield United seem particularly ill-equipped for the rigours of The Barclays, while Mike Ashley’s Newcastle are Mike Ashley’s Newcastle.

Position ​Jack Gallagher
​Jude Summerfield
​Toby Cudworth
1 Liverpool Manchester City Manchester City
2 Manchester City Liverpool Liverpool
3 Spurs Spurs Spurs
4 Manchester United Manchester United Manchester United
5 Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
6 Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea
7 Everton Leicester Everton
8 Leicester West Ham West Ham
9 Wolves Wolves Leicester
10 West Ham Everton Wolves
11 Watford Watford Southampton
12 Burnley Bournemouth Bournemouth
13 Southampton Southampton Watford
14 Bournemouth Aston Villa Crystal Palace
15 Crystal Palace Burnley Burnley
16 Aston Villa Crystal Palace Aston Villa
17 Norwich Norwich Newcastle
18 Newcastle Newcastle Norwich
19 Brighton Brighton Brighton
20 Sheffield United Sheffield United Sheffield United

What They Said

Jack: Player of the Year – Shane Duffy. Young Player of the Year – Shane Duffy. Manager of the Year – Mick McCarthy. 

Jude: Liverpool are good, Manchester City are probably a bit better, Tottenham are worse than both, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are all a similar level, but they’ll probably finish fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

Brighton did a bad thing in letting Chris Hughton leave, while I’ve also cruelly tipped Sheffield United to finish bottom. The fallout in Newcastle if they got relegated would be hugely entertaining, hence their 18th placing.

Toby: I’ve gone for City to win the league again this year, purely because of what Rodri adds to that already incredible midfield. United to sneak top four as Arsenal’s defensive struggles continue and Frank finds his feet testing out youth at Chelsea.

At the bottom, Sheff Utd and Norwich to drop straight back to the Championship, along with Brighton – as I genuinely struggle to see where they will score goals from. Quite the reprieve for Newcastle that, who I think are in for a tough, tough season without Rafa.

Position ​Jamie Spencer
Tom Gott ​Wilfred Dutton
1 Manchester City Manchester City Manchester City
2 Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool
3 Spurs Spurs Chelsea
4 Manchester United Chelsea Spurs
5 Chelsea Arsenal Arsenal
6 Arsenal Manchester United Leicester
7 Everton Wolves Manchester United
8 Leicester Leicester Everton
9 West Ham West Ham Wolves
10 Southampton Everton West Ham
11 Wolves Southampton Watford
12 Burnley Newcastle Bournemouth
13 Bournemouth Bournemouth Southampton
14 Watford Watford Crystal Palace
15 Aston Villa Aston Villa Aston Villa
16 Brighton Crystal Palace Burnley
17 Crystal Palace Norwich Brighton
18 Newcastle Burnley Norwich
19 Sheffield United Brighton Newcastle
20 Norwich Sheffield United Sheffield United

What They Said

Jamie: It’s hard to envisage anyone else being quite good enough to topple Manchester City, especially as Liverpool could suffer a sluggish start. ‘Ole’s at the Wheel’ will make a comeback this season, at least enough for Manchester United to return to the top four, while Frank Lampard will get a free pass from Chelsea in difficult circumstances.

Any of the bottom six could go down.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Tom: City are just too good, and the title looks like it will be theirs to lose for at least another year. Unfortunately, it won’t be as positive for cross-town rivals United, who begin the season in about as much turmoil as they ended the last one. Expect Wolves and Leicester to give them a real run for their money for sixth.

At the other end, Sheffield United haven’t really added much top-flight quality, so expect to see them fighting for their lives early on alongside both Brighton and Burnley.

​Position ​Robbie Copeland​
​Ben Carter​
Ross Kennerley​
​1 ​Manchester City Manchester City ​Manchester City
​2 ​Liverpool ​Liverpool ​Liverpool
​3 ​Spurs ​Spurs ​Arsenal
​4 ​Arsenal ​Arsenal ​Spurs
​5 ​Manchester United ​Manchester United ​Manchester United
​6 ​Chelsea ​Leicester ​Chelsea
​7 ​West Ham ​Chelsea ​Wolves
8​ ​Leicester ​West Ham ​Leicester
​9 ​Wolves ​Wolves ​Everton
​10 ​Everton ​Everton ​West Ham
​11 ​Southampton Watford​ Watford​
​12 ​Watford ​Southampton ​Bournemouth
​13 ​Norwich ​Crystal Palace ​Southampton
​14 ​Bournemouth ​Aston Villa Burnley​
​15 ​Aston Villa ​Bournemouth ​Aston Villa
​16 ​Newcastle ​Burnley ​Crystal Palace
​17 ​Crystal Palace ​Brighton ​Newcastle
​18 ​Burnley ​Newcastle ​Sheffield United
​19 ​Sheffield United ​Norwich ​Norwich
​20 ​Brighton Sheffield United​ ​Brighton

What They Said

Robbie Copeland: Manchester City and Liverpool should remain in the top two given how far ahead of everyone else they were last season, with City likely edging it again – and the rest of the top six writes itself. West Ham are a bold pick for seventh, but they have done the best business outside the big six. 

At the bottom end, Sheffield United just don’t look like they have enough, but fellow new boys Norwich and Villa should be fine.

Ben: Get ready for more of the same at the top end of the table, although Arsenal will break back into the top four and Frank Lampard’s Chelsea will bring an end of the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’. 

Steve Bruce and Joelinton will be settling for Championship football next season, but Aston Villa’s scattergun approach in the transfer market will see them climb up comfortably into mid-table.

Ross: Man City are still the best team in the league. The rest aren’t, and in order going down from 1st are the sides I predict will be gradually less good. 

Brighton are now the worst team in the league. The rest are better, and in order going up from 20th are the sides I predict will be gradually better.

Consensus Premier League Table

​Position Club​
​1 Manchester City​
​2 ​Liverpool
​3 Spurs​
​4 Arsenal​
​5 Manchester United​
​6 Chelsea​
​7 Leicester​
​8 West Ham​
​9 Everton​
​10 Wolves
​11 Southampton​
​12 Watford​
​13 Bournemouth​
​=14 Aston Villa​
​=14 Burnley​
​16 Crystal Palace​
​17 Newcastle​
​18 Norwich​
​19 Brighton​
​20 Sheffield United​


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