Real Madrid 1-0 Osasuna

In Madrid, the question is to win as to win as he likes. Mourinho triumphs measured in units of time. Three points today and three days ahead to assemble the team to build model and convictions. And so it is difficult to shoot love at first sight. And it will also cost the Bernabéu hold up to the promised land. People came in a good mood by the outcome of the Camp Nou, but ended up listening to whistles to the team and to Christian, who had moments of salvapatrias.

However, on a win without salt or pepper you open a large clearing, Özil, different player on which school group. Your left and your elegance will come to the brighter side of Guti. A hook that makes life easier for a team. And is 21 years old, an age that invites us to think that his magic can go with the consistency and continuity that does not have. Higuain gave a goal and one Christian, who lost for lack of expertise of each other. And he wasted a one on one with Ricardo, who tried to poke the ball with the outside of the foot. He stood a few inches from the artwork and the fans honored the occurrence.

Ahead of him was Mourinho Benzema, Cristiano e Higuain (71 goals between the three last season). Two forwards and one center at times, pretend to be. And wars are not won only with artillery, the Madrid attack was lost in the front, not sides. Because Benzema asked him to be the Inter Etoo, a postal round round by the band where once there was a scorer. It is the site of the French, whose temperature psychic’s always several degrees below the team and whose best attribute, set the shot from scratch, does not look too far away from the area. With Pedro Leon bubbles did better at Madrid.

Higuain, without a goal. Nor off Cristiano, who stayed on the special effects: a large control of heel, a deep pass to Higuain, an item without looking at Marcelo. Details weighing less misunderstood his individualism and low definition. In this section we overcame Higuain, who squandered four occasions, to the greater glory of veteranísimo Ricardo, night porter in one piece. The Argentine has been there before and came out alive on the basis of effort.

Nor midfielders pushed too far. Xabi Alonso, because it is out of point; Khedira, pure dark because their work borders on the suspect: so far neither built nor destroyed.

In this scenario was not adventurous Osasuna, but cowardly. Its cushioned the thrust trivote Madrid and made unfriendly construction, but with a makeshift center back who swallowed a ball long and lonely Aranda pointed, was never a threat. “Nobody in the Bernabéu feared for the draw,” said Mourinho after loaded right. Still, Camacho team a stray bullet killed him, a position Carvalho goal of ‘nine’, a detail mistake of total football, one success of the Portuguese who relieves his extraordinary resemblance to Cannavaro, said in the worst sense . But his goal, Madrid became a ship no longer walks on water.

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