Real Madrid 2-0 Atletico Madrid

Punch, punch and efficiency are the most frequent adjectives in the many pages devoted to the national press today to digest the derby last night at the Santiago Bernabeu. The chronicles give value to the explosive start to the Royal ran over his neighbor to kill off the match in just twenty minutes.

So, The Reason titrated with an eloquent “Derbi express’, praising the effectiveness of Real Madrid against the errors of his opponent. “The Madrid continued their normal routine and settled at Atletico in twenty minutes,” says the paper, which summarizes the match report with ‘Madrid increasingly waning Atleti’. “It was too late … All miracle, as planned,” says Julian chronic Redondo, which stresses that “the Madrid also win when not playing well,” and raises some fundamental differences between the two sets noting that “Mourinho lines up the players he wants and Quique, who can.”

As for the controversial play, this newspaper Carvalho’s goal “was preceded by a failure of Kings,” and recalls that in 2-0 and on the scoreboard, “Xabi Alonso intercepted by hand a shot of Omen, but the referee failed. ”

In the same line to pronounce ABC, which on its front page entitled ‘The effectiveness of the Real Madrid Atletico disarm’, and defines the derby as “as close to Groundhog Day. The match was turned on 19 minutes, and Madrid, comfortable with the income slowed down in the second half, but never suffered from the result. ”

And on inside pages, the time between births is as chronic as the starter that precedes it: ‘Gale half an hour is enough’, to explain that Real “came like a bullet and stirred to an athlete showing courage and was able to get up, but creative enough. ” ABC emphasizes the role of Ricardo Carvalho in the new Real Madrid – “The arm of Mou ‘, says an analysis of the defense, scoring yesterday and praised the work done by Christian dark and Higuain, who called as’ workers gold ‘.

The country leads the derby to your home to make a forceful summary of what was the game and its impact on the league. ‘The Madrid and Barça fly without rival’, entitled, an idea reinforced inside page with a ‘Flashy Madrid, Barça radiant’, “two teams that walk without truce pending the classic.” This dazzling Madrid “at times seems impossible for any adversary team writes Ramon Besa,” but, in return, Mourinho’s boys lack continuity in the game and appear set to any setback. ”

In a deeper analysis of the derby, Jose Samano, whose chronicle entitled ‘The most effective of Madrid’, he stresses that “suddenly, before you start to play, Real Madrid were already on edge, and values that two goals at the beginning “of the Mourinho manage the marker more subdued than usual.”

“Madrid is a heavyweight, the chronicle starts always with the hammer and to the point that his opponents fall, sometimes demolished his talent, vitality and energy waste … other times, their opponents have its effectiveness.”

The highlights should Atletico Aguero, Forlan and Reyes have “little orchestra around.” “Atletico-resume face-planted more than anyone in Chamartin, but fell a victim to the timeliness Madrid in front of goal, the circumstances and his own shortcomings,” and appreciates that Madrid “conveys an extraordinary confidence and displayed with an unquestionable authority for now. ”

Those same words are repeated again and again by the many pages devoted to different headers match. El Mundo praises the effectiveness and force the white team and resolve their resounding victory in a headline: ‘Real,’ fast track ‘, while in its chronic summarizes what was the reaction of rival under the title’ El Atlético appear later in the derby. ”

“The Madrid-points Orfeo Suárez-punishes Atletico warmth and errors in a burst hell … With the Madrid-continues-no time for courtship. Anyone needing minute score, which starts in the locker room, otherwise is dead. ” As for Atletico, stresses that the team knew Quique redone to master the game, but did not finish in the critical area and yield Forlan, whom he calls a “blunt.”

In the late reaction of the Athletic and arbitration proceedings cling to Catalan sports dailies justicar the triumph of Madrid. ‘They forget the goal’ says the chronicle of the ‘World Sport’, which ensures that Atletico fell “because of their lack of success and the blindness of a referee who could have changed the dynamics of the derby if he had pointed out a very clear hand Xabi Alonso. ”

Following this line of argument, the paper gives a whole page to the controversial play that leads to allegations of Reyes: “I always benefit from it.”

For the ‘Sport’, ‘The Madrid derby was a decaffeinated “, a game she calls” infumable, without passion or emotion, in which Madrid won with relative ease once more. ”

The newspaper also forgets the controversy plays and says “favorite Mourinho referee swallowed a clear penalty on Alonso,” and warns his readers that “the victimization of Mou gives good results.”

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