Standard 1-1 Real Madrid

The announcement of the signing of talented Ozil could not be more timely. If Real Madrid had been a speaker to manifest after the snafu of Liege mood, few players would have been spared the anger of a crowd demanding that there is no word ‘friendly’. In Madrid it is all important and good taste that left on Friday the tie-Munich victory went to hell yesterday with the draw-defeat in the birthplace of Charlemagne.

Mourinho has every right to look around and put in his meticulous experiments probe all he can think. Explains why Benzema and Higuain to see together (the specimen broke), Marcelo Drenthe making (what I will tell you they do not know the great Royston) Khedira or moved to one side to avoid colliding with Xabi Alonso in your area influence (the cure was worse than the disease). The mixture was so gray that the drive-side (of the second half with gamers in the field) was almost worse than B. That is, an absolute disappointment.
Is your last goal?

The bolus of Belgium, which was played in a stadium that took the event as if it were a Champions League semifinal, showed us to a Van der Vaart as motivated as sunk. Let me explain. Chiclana Dutchman knows that the arrival of Ozil (Turkish is better and that is law of life), we condemn the bench and maybe even into the crowd when he gets Kaka and reappear when they reach the snows of January. Therefore, his free-kick and his subsequent failure to hold remembered what happened a year ago in Anoeta Sneijder. Rafael is the player discards more value to raise cash and as in that area is also building the emerging channels, it is clear that if there is a good offer for VDV, it will pack.

So the football map and parsimonious than in Li├Ęge was increased enthusiasm aroused by the appropriate signing Ozil. A player with charm, different from those who raise their heads and put it where he wants and needs. Ozil give Mourinho the subtle touch that I had the soup of the mouse in Ratatouille. Ozil prevent the Madrid is a mechanism with no cracks. Imagination to power …

At least, that blew up the home match served to confirm that we eat the toast high (machine-gunned Benteke Dudek) and that such Opare is a good side, although in the Castilla did not exist. The new players also wore white (Khedira worries me), except for Canales. Under the shade of Ozil grow without pressure. This is golden blond player for many years. And I’m with Christian. Chupa, okay. But it is the only one who tries on all cylinders. His truant was for framing. If store instead of football, it would be 24 hours …

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