“There are no headlines or alternates, all I want to win are titles”

Gonzalo Higuain is very motivated for the start of the season. Argentine striker knows that this year there will be plenty of competition but he’s not concerned that they could challenge their ownership. “Year after year I ask the same question, and I respond on the lawn. Then it’s technical decision that puts me or not, but I train to do your best ”

Following the departure of Raul, if Cristiano gets the ‘7 ‘, the back nine would be empty. Asked if he was seeking this issue and their response was overwhelming. “The important thing is not the number to be the Real Madrid striker, but the goals. I will continue with my back because I have love and I have always gone well with him. The important thing but not the dorsal shield. ”

The question of Raul was forced goodbye. “Raul was very helpful and has been great for Real Madrid. I am very grateful but he decided to start a new adventure in Germany and I wish him well, “he said.

Finally, Higuain had words of praise for Mourinho and his way of coaching. “Mourinho is a winner, you’ve made all with other teams and hopefully you repeat it at Real Madrid. He asks us most and we will pass it. ” About how it is being work, Pipe said: “We are working hard with the ball and that makes training more enjoyable. The ball contact is very important for a footballer because it makes us rodemos faster. “

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