Tottenham 0-1 Real Madrid – qualified for semi-finals!

The Real Madrid is where I wanted, in the semifinals of the Champions League. What he plays now is dreaming or suffer. Or suffer for dreaming. In this undefeated Madrid Barcelona now awaits after a comfortable ride around London. The work was done in the first leg, where the Madrid broke the tie with Tottenham. This time, the meeting was a non-aggression pact and had the same excitement and uncertainty to sit and watch a flower grow. It happens when you sleep a good siesta. She wakes up and sees that everything is in place. Life was not altered by the holding of this meeting. He won it without apparent effort, thanks to a goal from Christian, who should be grateful to Gomes, who in this tie is choking from eating both goals.

The only one who wanted to bring some excitement to the evening was Mourinho, who warned five suspended reserved only start to Di Maria. Fell to the semifinal round and survived Carvalho Ramos, Albiol and Christian. The Portuguese central sanction is a lesser evil for Madrid, but he may have saved his coach. There came a time when the only interest of the night was whether the Madrid lose more players through suspension to be measured at Barcelona.

The mother went home playing, playing, sending and in three minutes and got Özil wasted a clear chance to the public Gomes and Cristiano juggling whistle, but without them he had been whistled in any way. If the whistle-quoted Cristiano would offer good dividends. It was a start lying, because the further development of the game does not parallel with that boot.

Mourinho took shelter behind, placing Arbeloa at left-back Marcelo and passing to the midfield. Too many precautions if it was because of the presence of Lennon. Did not deserve it. More logical seems to think that Mourinho started preparing the strategy for the matches against Barca.

Missing Modric and Van der Vaart, the only way we found to annoy the Madrid Tottenham was his left wing. Bale’s band, a special player at White Hart Lane that he is small. Ramos was passed easily through the Welsh insulting. Warned of suspension, alignment Ramos maneuvering Mourinho seemed to see the card and could not play the first leg semifinal against Barcelona. Seville only breathed when he received aid Khedira and Albiol, always ready for a release and go to the crossing. In the absence of half an hour, Mourinho ended the game and replaced by Ramos Barn.

The first time barely able to rescue the two controversial actions of the night, two possible penalties that claimed the demolition of Tottenham by Albiol Xabi Alonso and Lennon and Pavlyuchenko. There did seem clear from Albiol.

The regulations also required which will be played the second part, which is encouraged with a goal from Cristiano. It was after five minutes thanks to a far-away shot which Gomes tried to catch clapping. Normal thing happened when you try these things, that the ball went between his hands and finished into the goal.

Then came the said replacement of Ramos by Barn and later produced the Kaka, which brought interest and to which he was active and Cristiano Benzema and Xabi Alonso. He declined to take more risks Mourinho.

Being Tottenham will shake, perhaps because he started to realize that their time was running out in this Champions League and decided to enjoy it. Pavlyuchenko wasted a great opportunity, heading too high, and was then Defoe, absent substitute Lennon, who demanded Casillas as he had ever done. First with a long shot and then with a shot in the small area that deflected Iker not really know how.

Madrid struggled just to hide it until the end only concerned that time went. Too much at stake in the coming weeks to risk.

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