Training programme

The Rushfit exercise program is just one of the fitness programmes some people use.

The following table illustrates the typical movement activities during high level game:-

Football acitivities Typical Percentage
walking 33%
walking backwards 6%
jogging 38%
running at 3/4’s pace 20%
sprinting 11%

The intensity and the duration of an activity determines the extent to which each energy system is used. In general, certain activities can be classified as being fueled by aerobic or anaerobic energy…

Aerobic acitivities Anaerobic activities
most tackling and contact situations
walking backwards
accelerating and changing direction quickly
running at speeds less than 3/4’s pace
running at speeds greater than 3/4’s pace

Common Football Injuries and Prehabilitation Options

Injury Prehabilitation Option
ankle sprain balance drills, calf strengthening, correct footwear, beware uneven surfaces, proprioceptive plyometrics
hamstring tear Strengthen the gluteals and hamstrings, core stability drills.
knee pain (patella tendon) Strengthen the VMO (teardrop muscle that drops down towards the inside of the knee)
knee ligament develop a good ratio of hamstring-to-quadriceps strength e.g. squats, swiss ball hamstring curls, proprioceptive plyometrics

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