‘Winning the league is almost impossible’ – Mourinho

After Real Madrid’s 2-2 draw with Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu last night, coach Jose Mourinho said that Real have small chances to win the title this season.

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“I think winning the league is almost impossible, but we still have perform better, because if we improve in La Liga, we improve in the Champions League.”

“We are not as good as before. We do not have the same joy and confidence, and we struggle to score as much as last year. I have never been in this situation, but I do not lack strength.”

“We will continue to fight for the title, even though it seems impossible, because this is Real Madrid. Everyone has to stand up for themselves – for ambition, personal dignity, and the Real Madrid name.”

He also talked about Luka Modric, who he substitute on half-time despite his good performance.

“Modric was not having a bad game, but I took him off as a strategic decision. I was sorry to remove him as he was doing okay.”

On the question why are Real Madrid defenders having so much trouble when it’s coming to defend opponent’s set pieces, he said: “You are a journalist, you should have the skills to analyse it yourself!”

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