Real Madrid is still in the game


We must recognize the Madrid ease parties to settle complicated than others. We must accept that the style that fits all styles (if any) has the power to strike down the equipment used and scholars. There is no theory to address a group as indecipherable and Xavi not sold.

Lillo Maybe that’s why he decided to ignore the virtues of the adversary and stretched the field as it became countryside. It is likely that planned to exploit the agility of Piatti and Crusat. And it’s easy, too, would like to honor the legend of courage and romance coach who prefers a voleón defeat.

The first result of such audacity was that the Madrid found what you dream at night the moon: space. With field ahead, visitors looked for several minutes, touch therapy.

Thus started the match so confused. The volunteer was dismasted Almería, more inclined to attack the defense and closer to being thrashed that roam the goal. It happened, however, what happens if we have completed a deductive reasoning: marked the victim.

The move was born of a deep ball Uche pursued at the limit of offside. The action surprised both the defense that none knew where the mate, what about the rival.

It was the afternoon of the defenses, on the other side, and I include those of any color. For them the party was as messy as an extension of 90 minutes and lower middle. The attackers had always seemed to gallop majority. We know no one accuses both anarchy and law enforcement.

The equalizer came quickly and came because of the immense talent and a surfeit. Tired of trying to walls, Cristiano was built home alone: control, entered, faked, pedaled and finally shot beat Alves cross. It was a first class goal.

What followed was a harassment and a display Madrid goalkeeper. I imagine that if something is good to defend the goal of a team that is exposed is the great state so in a way that retains the goalkeeper. Alves stopped, turned, repelled and between straight and slam, won a sumptuous transfer.

But I must stress disorder. The domain of Madrid followed by two blasts Almeria tossing it all. In the very siege visitor, Uche could make alternating heel and continued in the second half with the same proportion. In the end, the approaches of Madrid were so constant that made the goal in a statistical matter. And the prize fell to Van der Vaart, a murderer from the front. The shot, crossover, dry, reminded us how great they are the goals.

So close was the tie Almeria Madrid as the third. When Iker did not suffer Albiol (friendly fire), it was Alves who dined cannonball. That was the scenario when Benzema came to enjoy four delicious minutes added time. Thus ended the match. As it began, the live and Lillo Madrid brave.

You can see all goals in the page videos.

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