Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid

If  I say that Madrid began before the Hercules captain Marcelo, who later became Gago cuff that ended in Dudek’s left arm, it is easy to conclude that the friendly in Alicante was a test of truth. The real will be tomorrow at the Bernabeu Trophy, with the stadium full and healthy all the headlines and football boots, not watching a basketball game …

Mourinho is a distance runner and knows that bikes, not titles, are for the summer. So he decided to use the Hercules commitment to test your wardrobe. If I stay with the first part, would be frozen. Defense Ozil cracks and shyly peeping that talent was indisputable that only an attendance to Di Maria, who did not end in a goal by the hair of a shrimp. I’ll take Khedira, which became the World Cup with Germany, and the sobriety of Lass ago. The ‘two’ guard is a life insurance. Sober and firm.

At rest, the Madrid was anchovy, a term that serves to honor me Esteban Vigo, that coach called it a surprise to you that rises to Xerez Hercules with the naturalness with which locked up with six Miura in Las Ventas. This explains a Hercules answer back, with Portillo giving shocks to canterano Adam Tote Tiago trotting freely with his squire, and Sendoa, a wild boar Erandio, signing of the summer silly goal. Adam sings, okay, but is that the boat would betray to Colombo, however ready to be believed when investigating a crime. Luckily there were only 12 500 witnesses in the stands of the stadium renovated and modernized with perhaps named Florentino dreamed as a child (Rico Pérez).

The second act Madrid showed us a more vivid, more touch, vision of the game, uncheck in speed and depth. Mou gives not even say good morning and showers should make it clear that Alicante did not go without a trophy. Pedro Leon pulled Van der Vaart and Barn, which together with Khedira (with honors), Di María (low to high) and Karim (excellent) drew a comeback that reassured many Madrid fans that were in the stands. And Christian, and should be home after leaving the Magic Box fleeing their jams.

The Hercules shrugged trying to defend his narrow victory, but a pass between lines of Khedira to Benzema ended the debate. Granero tested Unai Alba and to avoid further uncertainties Pedro Leon Xavi disguised to break the offside behind Herculaneum with a pass of genius. Di Maria took the deli to get into the kitchen and made his first goal in white. Angelito, you’re on the right track. Juanfran As a youth squad that will need to talk. I wish to stay in the first team. Vale to Madrid. It’s that clear.

Then came the lace on your big night Benzema. It premiered on September fiercely. Mourinho promised to get him back and there it is. The Portuguese have something that escapes the rest of us mortals. Combines wisdom and patience. The Peñarol will find the best Madrid tomorrow. This paints better.

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